7e Myolift True Microcurrent Facial Contouring Device


7e Myolift True Microcurrent Facial Contouring Device


Best Portable microcurrent machine for sale, the mircrocurrent machine is configured for home use for the betterment of your face skin. Try once for the better result.

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About Myolift:

7e Myolift is a FDA cleared clinically proven system that uses true micro-current to work out the facial muscles to re-educate them. It is the Best Microcurrent Facial Machine for toning, firming, and lifting of the facial skin. It is a professional grade device because it brings professional results and is a portable as well as an affordable machine. All these specifications make this machine the most reliable and the Best Microcurrent Facial Machine. Get this Microcurrent Machine For Sale in our store.

  • Microcurrent Machine For Sale.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee. 
  • Exercising Facial Muscle, Facial Should be Routine, Anti-Aging Therapy.
  • To Maintain Youthful Skin.


1. 7e Myolift microcurrent facial treatment device.
2. Handheld applicators for ease of use.
3. 4 Oz. Conductive Seaweed Gel.
4. Wall Adapter for charging only.
5. How to Use Guide and Manual.
6. Facial Charts for reference.
7. Instructional video in DVD format.

Special Features:

1. FDA cleared microcurrent facial toning device for personal facial. It delivers true micro current for toning and rejuvenation of the skin.
2. Brings results for non-invasive face treatment to lift and tone the facial muscles and rejuvenate the appearance of wrinkle.
3. Professional Grade yet Portable and light weight with rechargeable battery system.
4. This device can be used to stimulate facial muscles, rejuvenate the skin, bring non-invasive treatment to the face.
5. This anti-wrinkle treatment gives you an at-home facelift using new state of the art microcurrent to, in essence, give your face the facial exercises it needs to stay in shape.
6. The Seaweed gel is the best natural skin care product for serious skin care you need and want.
7. 7e Myolift can be used for a quick “ Lunchtime lift”.


0-5 mins: Neck and Jawline

  • Cleanse face and apply gel on Neck and Jawline.
  • Place stationary wand on top of the neck and roll second wand towards it in a horizontal upward motion.
  • Place stationrary wand at end of jawline towards ears and roll second wand towards it vertically.

5-10 mins: Cheek and Smile lin

  • Apply gel on cheeks and area around lips.
  • Place wand on top of the cheek bone and roll the second probe from jawline towards it in a horizontal upward motion.
  • Place stationary wand on top of the lip and roll second wand from end of the lip towards it creating a snarl. This will treat your smile line.

10-15 mins: Eye Brow and Forehead

  • Apply gel around eyes and forehead area.
  • Place stationary wand on top of the eyebrow and second wand under it pulling eyebrow up towards the hairline. Hold for 5secs and move to the corner.
  • Place stationary wand on top of forehead close to hairline and roll second wand towards it in a horizontal direction.






Can you use this if you've had Botox or dermal fillers?


Will I receive complete instructions in correct English?

Yes, Our instructional manual and instructional videos are prepared professionally in English.

What kind the gel use with this machine??

We use natural ingredients seaweed gel with no parabeen or sulfate. It enhances the hydration of the skin and completes the anti aging therapy.

Will I lose the improvement if i stop using Myolift for one week ? I have been using it for 1 year.

The results from microcurrent are cumulative, which is why consistency is so important. That said, you should not lose the improvement you're seeing with just a week of non-use. BTW - I'm impressed with your dedication! :)

Is this machine between 500 micro amps and no more than 1000?

7E Myolift provides 400micro Amp. Maximum output current. So output range is 0 to 400 microAmp. Thanks

What type of bio waves does it have, ie, square, rectangle, sawtooth?

The Myolift uses square with sinosoidal in between the cycles. Let us know if you have any other questions!

Where can i find the best instructions, they sent me a dvd which i can't use?

Their website has a link to their youtube videos. The videos are pretty good.

Is it a square wave current?

Yes it is. And It's true micro current. so it cannot be felt. If you'd like to know more technical details, you may contact our customer support at 818-521-8947.

Is this the same unit used in the 7e Fit Spa?

No Ma'm. We use Ultra Beauty in 7e FItspa which has Ultrasound and 9 different micro current programs. Which 7e Fitspa have you visited? You could use this Myolift at home in between your facials too, if you'd like.

Will this device help strengthen facial muscles due to nerve damage?

Yes. Microcurrent was discovered in medical industry for Bells Palsy. 7e Myolift delivers 'true microcurrent' that works on Golgi tendons of the muscles to strengthen facial muscles. If you need further help, please call us at 888-412-3160 or email us at info@7ewellness.com