7E MyoLift™ Mini Microcurrent Machine

  • 7E MyoLift™ Mini is an FDA-cleared, clinically proven microcurrent machine for beauty professionals. This portable and affordable machine uses True Microcurrent technology to exercise the facial muscles and re-educate them. 

    The 7E MyoLift™ Mini machine is the best microcurrent machine for estheticians looking to expand their menu of services. MyoLift™ Mini treatments are easy to learn and use while still delivering outstanding results to your clients. Microcurrent treatments are non-invasive and an essential addition to your menu services.

    The 7E MyoLift™ Mini machine is also a great tool to have at home for touch ups and maintenance of results. Thanks to its' small size, Mini is a convenient microcurrent machine for home use as well as travel.

    See professional grade results with this portable and affordable machine!


    • 7E MyoLift™ Mini True Microcurrent Machine
    • Classic Ball Tip Applicator Probes
    • Lead Wire
    • Charger
    • 4oz ReStore Conductive Gel
    • Access to Online Portal


  • We are thrilled that you're ready to add 7E MyoLift™ Mini to your aesthetics toolkit. Our Mini is our top seller and has been flying off the shelves as our technology has grown in popularity these past few months. 

    You can still purchase the Mini from our website at this time, however the device may not ship for up to 15 days. Your order will be fulfilled on a first-come-first-serve basis!

    We're working hard to re-stock as soon as possible and will send out an email to those subscribed to our mailing list once we have our inventory re-stocked. Make sure you are subscribed to that list by clicking here so you can stay in the loop! Thank you so much for supporting our company. 


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