Firm and Bright 2 Week Bootcamp Kit - 7E Wellness
Firm and Bright 2 Week Bootcamp Kit - 7E Wellness
Firm and Bright 2 Week Bootcamp Kit - 7E Wellness
Firm and Bright 2 Week Bootcamp Kit - 7E Wellness

Firm and Bright 2 Week Bootcamp Kit

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This kit boosts skin firmness and radiance by addressing deficits in the skin’s tone, density, and elasticity. It is great for someone who is concerned with hyperpigmentation, sagging skin, or jowls, or someone who wants to improve their facial definition. The products included suits all skin types, but it is most helpful for skins that are mature, thin, sun damaged, or showing laxity. 

Not only can you elevate your at-home microcurrent treatments during this 14-day intensive, but most of the products included will last much longer that 2 weeks as you continue to rejuvenate your skin. 

  • 4oz Mangosteen Cleanser with Prebiotics
  • 1oz ReVital C Serum
  • 3 Vitalizing Sheet Masks
  • 4oz ReStore Conductive Gel
  • 1 Handsfree Jowl Mask
  • 7e Brush and Headband
  • Splitter wire

Step 1: Clarify with the Mangosteen Cleanser 

Step 2: Hydrate with the RePlenish Spritzer (included with purchase of device)

Step 3: Treat with Myolift QT (QT Probes or Jowl Mask + Lip Mask w/ Splitter or Sheet Mask)

Step 4: Nourish with ReVital C Serum

Please Note:

Step 1, 2, & 4 never change

Step 3 will vary as follows:

Sheet Mask: Days 1, 8, 14

QT Probes: Days 2, 4, 6, 9, 11, 13 

Jowl & Lip Masks: Days 3, 5,10,12

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Utilize True Microcurrent™ alongside clinically proven antioxidants and nutrients to improve firmness and elasticity of the skin.

Ingredients like Mangosteen, encapsulated Vitamin C, CoQ10, and Adenosine, work synergistically to increase the effectiveness of microcurrent.

Kit Benefits

✓Trigger collagen production to increase firmness

✓Reduce and prevent hyperpigmentation

✓Boost microcirculation for vitality

✓Protect collagen from environmental stressors

✓Improve skin’s plumpness


Mangosteen is a tropical fruit that is native to Southeast Asia that is referred to as the "Queen of Fruit".

✓Full of antioxidants that help protect skin from damage caused by UV rays and environmental factors.

✓Has a unique class of antioxidant compounds called xanthones, which can reduce inflammation throughout the body.

✓Mangosteen's lactic acid complex can gently resurface skin, minimize pores, and refine skin tone.

Vitamin C

L-Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) is a rejuvenating vitamin that reduces photo-damage caused by harmful UVB rays.

✓Neutralizes free radicals

✓Protects cells from oxidative damage and air pollution

✓Helps brighten the skin and reduce hyperpigmentation


Coenzyme Q10 is a fat-soluble substance that occurs naturally in the body and in many foods, including meat, fish, nuts, and some oils.

✓Protects the skin from the sun and free radicals

✓Can increase the levels of skin cells deep within the epidermis