MyoLift™ QT Facial Bar - 7E Wellness
MyoLift™ QT Facial Bar - 7E Wellness
MyoLift™ QT Facial Bar - 7E Wellness
MyoLift™ QT Facial Bar - 7E Wellness

MyoLift™ QT Facial Bar

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Welcome to the future of beauty and business growth! Introducing the MyoLift Facial Bar – your salon's secret to success. With the MyoLift Facial Bar, you can unlock new revenue streams, diversify your treatments, and leave your customers satisfied. It’s quick, easy, and low cost way to have add a revenue generating service to your spa!
The MyoLift™ QT Facial Bar is a self-serve kiosk where customers can tone and lift their face using the MyoLift™ QT and accessories. The Facial Bar comes with a mirror and touch screen that allows you to do follow-along facial treatments. Conductive gel and masks are provided, makingit easy for customers to experience a real microcurrent treatment. This self-serve unit is designed to transform your salon into a thriving beauty hub. 

Free USA Ground shipment, Orders are processed within 2 business day.

International Orders Ships within 3 business day. 

International customers are required to pay Duty with their local custom agency. 

The MyoLift™ QT Facial Bar is great for salons looking to add a new service or for those that want to retail the MyoLift™ QT.

Benefits To Salon Owners


Beat Seasonal Fluctuations

Keep your salon busy year-round as clients can enjoy facial toning while waiting.


Stand Out in the Competition

Offer a unique and sought-after beauty solution that nobody else offers.


Client Relationship Building

Build trust and personal connections with your clients by offering a unique and enjoyable experience.


Simplify Regulatory Compliance

Don’t worry about safety, our Microcurrent Devices are FDA-cleared!


Strategic Partnerships

Collaborate with 7E Wellness and drive additional revenue when you retail the MyoLift™ QT.


Beauty and Glamour

Help your clients look and feel their best for all their special occasions.

Elevate your salon experience today with the MyoLift™ Facial Bar and watch your business thrive.

Myolift Uniqueness

Instant Visible Results
FDA Cleared

Ready to transform your salon and boost your revenue?

Contact us now to learn more about how the MyoLift™ Facial Bar can revolutionize your salon.
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