Retractable Pop-Up Banners - 7E Wellness
Retractable Pop-Up Banners - 7E Wellness

Retractable Pop-Up Banners

Set yourself apart from the competition! Retractable Pop-Up banners are the perfect visual and marketing tools to help your esthetics business stand out, promote your MyoLift™ True Microcurrent™ services and catch your client’s attention. These Retractable Pop-Up Banners can emphasize your specific microcurrent products or services in a professional esthetics space. Show off impressive MyoLift™ before and after photos and highlight signature microcurrent facial treatments that you offer as a licensed esthetician in your community. Whether you set them up at your spa, salon or upcoming community event, you are sure to capture the interest of new clients and spark up conversations about this powerful facial lifting and toning service.

Free USA Ground shipment, Orders are processed within 2 business day.

International Orders Ships within 3 business day. 

International customers are required to pay Duty with their local custom agency. 

The MyoLift™ QT Facial Bar is great for salons looking to add a service to their menu or for those that want to retail the MyoLift™ QT so users can try before they buy.  

Benefits Of Facial Bar

Try Before You Buy

Allows customers to test out the MyoLift™ QT with the app and accessories.

Increase Revenue

Increases store revenue by adding this as a service to your spa and retailing the MyoLift™ QT.

Happy Customers

Keep your customers busy and occupied while they wait!