3 Ways Microcurrent Can Save Your Skin & Money

3 Ways Microcurrent Can Save Your Skin & Money - 7E Wellness

If you’ve been to the grocery store, the gas station, or your favorite retail shops lately, you’ve likely noticed the financial phenomenon that is inflation, and unfortunately, no industry is immune to these rapid economic shifts. 

As inflation causes overhead costs to go up across the board, it is inevitable that the going rate for professional skincare services and treatments may be on the rise in the near future. However, if increased prices have you feeling like you may have to give up your favorite beauty rituals altogether, we’d like to provide a helpful solution. 

Whether as a temporary money-saving maneuver, or as a complete pivot to keep practicing self care, there’s never been a better time to invest in at-home tools and devices. Here’s how a microcurrent device could positively impact your self care (and your pocketbook)

A Few Good Reasons To Treat Yourself To At-Home Microcurrent

Reason #1: Make fewer trips to the spa

If all of the above sounds like bad news, a bit of good news is that you don’t have to give up your favorite beauty rituals or self care altogether. Instead, consider that by doing more at-home maintenance and using your own microcurrent device between visits, you’ll be able to keep the results you love intact, while scheduling appointments further apart.

Reason #2: Saving money = extra motivation

For our budget-conscious consumers, we probably don’t have to point out that by saving yourself even just one trip to the spa, your device will quickly pay for itself. However, another even more exciting aspect of your investment is that the more you use it, the more you’ll be saving. This added benefit can provide excellent motivation to practice your skincare more consistently, resulting in a cost-per-use of just pennies per day!

Benefit #3: Reallocate funds without sacrificing self care

As beauty industry insiders ourselves, we feel it’s important to reiterate that in spite of inflation, you can (and should) still continue to support your favorite beauty and wellness professionals. With this in mind, investing in an at-home skincare tool, may be an ideal adjustment allowing you to budget for other much-needed services and care. For example, by saving money on your microcurrent treatments, you’ll be better able to indulge in that massage or wax treatment that you’ve been putting off. In other words, it might just be a win-win for everyone.

Our Favorite Options For At-Home Microcurrent

For building your own daily care toolkit, 7E Wellness offers two beauty devices perfect for at-home microcurrent:

  • Myolift QT Plus - With patented Smart Current technology and up to 400 microamps of power behind it, the QT Plus is compact, convenient, and easy-to-use for anytime your skin could use a lift. It delivers all the benefits of a professional treatment and rapidly revitalizes and rejuvenates the skin.


  • The Myolift Mini Home Care Kit - Our starter kit for all things microcurrent has everything you need to enjoy professional-caliber results from the comfort of home. With consistent use, the mini device produces incredible results for boosting collagen, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, plumping the skin, and enhancing your natural glow.