4 Things to Consider When Choosing your Microcurrent Machine

4 Things to Consider When Choosing your Microcurrent Machine - 7E Wellness

Interested in offering microcurrent facials? We don't blame you! Microcurrent treatments are quickly becoming one of the most requested services in the aesthetics industry. However, many have questions about best practices and a solid checklist from which to measure when shopping for the business’ first device. We’ve made it easy for you with our top four questions to ask:


Is It A User Friendly Device?

When you choose your phone, you research and make sure that it’s a smart phone that gives you all the apps at your fingertips and gets you data in the most simplified format. Why should your in-spa treatment device should be different? 

We receive reports every day from owners of competing microcurrent machines owners whose top complain is that their device is so complicated and difficult to operate that they are completely unable to use it. There are multiple attachments and no one knows which one to use for what skin condition. They have a training video that is often times out-of-step with that of the level of beauty professionals knowledge. Thus, it is best to seek a device that is more intuitive, has large screen displaying the details of each program, and provides control of both time and intensity levels of each program so you can deliver it for the appropriate length of time.


Where Is It Made?

When you buy microcurrent device you should be sure that is is manufactured in a trust worthy facility that’s FDA regulated. Regulated and approved technology is guaranteed to be safe and effective. In the approval process, FDA not only validates the design and outputs of a device but also monitors the manufacturing process making sure production is done with good manufacturing practice (GMP). Because of the high standards of professionals in India, as opposed to China, companies such as Medtronics, Boston Scientific and Johnson&Johnson have even invested in manufacturing of their devices in India. Thus, solid options for great products exist in the U.S. which are made from other reputable countries for export.


Does It Deliver Clean and Simple Waveforms?

To deliver true microcurrent, you don’t need different applicators and a complicated wiring system. In this day and age, technology is so advanced that you can simply divide the microcurrent into six specific waveforms in just one device in order to target different layers of the skin and achieve controlled results.

Some devices on the market, claim that the microcurrent waveforms of their devices are complex and ‘proprietary.’ However, what you really need is a clean operable waveform that can give you control and customization ability for your clients specific needs.


How Should I Critique The Devices’ Effectivenes?

Although everyone is attracted to before and after results microcurrent offers to the beauty industry, this should not be the sole standard from which to judge. If a company can show you B&A with their device in which a particular subject looks 15 years younger, this does not mean all your clients are going to achieve those results. Remember each client results are based on their age, lifestyle, internal stress, sleep cycle, hormonal imbalance and how committed they are to working with you for improvements. You are their doc for skin care and you will need to prove it with the tools that you own.