Microcurrent Face Lift Education

Safety Tip: Microcurrent Facials and Thyroid - 7E Wellness
To ensure your microcurrent facial treatments are performed with your safety in mind we want to highlight the importance of safe treatment with microcurrent for neck aging. Specifically, we want to highlight the importance of why we must avoid the Thyroid area to prevent adverse side effects from your anti aging treatments.
Debunking Microcurrent Myths - 7E Wellness
Let's check out the top myths associated with this facial therapy treatment and get to the bottom of what you can expect from this technology.
How to Treat Eye and Lip Wrinkles Fast - 7E Wellness
At the end of the day, knowing your options for quickly treating signs of aging around the eyes and mouth is empowering! We hope that you feel supported by the ideas and information from this article.
What Causes Acne on Cheeks? - 7E Wellness
Have you ever noticed that you often get pimples in the same places over and over again? Acne issues are caused by different things, and should be treated in different ways.