5 Ways to Brighten Mom's Face

5 Ways to Brighten Mom's Face - 7E Wellness

Sometimes it feels impossible to brighten up mom’s life the way she has brightened ours. But remember, when it comes to making mom smile there’s no need to overcomplicate things! Simply taking time to include her in your busy life and acknowledging the impact of her loving presence are wonderful ways to remind her to smile. If you’re feeling lost, here are five ways to brighten up Mom’s face this Mother’s Day and every day!

Tell her your favorite memory of her

If you want to make an extra effort to brighten your mom’s day, take some time to reflect back on the most special moments and memories you spent with her. Oftentimes, a moment where we felt the most gratitude or appreciation for our mothers is one that she hadn’t logged to memory. The small things like when she helped you find ladybugs in the backyard or kept you company while you struggled through math homework. Sharing the details and what stood out to you most shared straight from your memory is a priceless gift. The fact that small efforts on her part are remembered by you as some of her greatest expressions of love will always warm her heart and bring a smile to her face.

Making mom smile on mothers day

Call or text to share a story from your day

Just like taking the time to share a memory from your childhood, reaching out by call or text to mom to share a story from your day is an easy way to make sure she feels included in your life. Whether it’s a funny story or a story about a challenge you overcame at work, mom will smile hearing how you navigate the big world she brought you into.

Bring her flowers or a candle

Another small way to make mom smile is to bring her flowers or a candle. This is usually expected on Mother’s Day, but there’s no rule that says you can’t get these gifts for mom any other time of the year! These sweet, traditional gifts are a classic way to brighten her day in the moment, but they will also remind her of your love for her long after you’ve headed back home.

Mother's day spa ideas

Gift her a Spa Day or Facial Treatment

An underrated gift for mom is a Spa Day or Facial Treatment. Not only will this light up her face with a smile but it will literally increase her natural radiance and glow by pampering her skin. Mom’s are notorious for putting their own needs and care aside to ensure their children are provided with love and attention. Gifting her a spa day or facial treatment reminds her the importance of setting aside time to pamper and give back to herself. A professional beauty treatment room can be a sanctuary that Mothers can come to when they need to honor themselves with the same care and affection they unconditionally provide to us. Our suggestion is to surprise her with a treatment she, perhaps, hasn’t tried before! A microcurrent facial is a great option that will literally brighten her face by boosting ATP levels in her skin cells responsible for Collagen and Elastin production that add radiance to the face. The relaxing smells, enriching treatments and results from her facial will help her get back in touch with what matters most: living their healthiest and happiest life.

Dare her to set aside time for self care

If you aren’t sure which spa or facial treatment mom would benefit most from you can make her smile by daring her to set aside time for her own self care practice. Like we discussed earlier, many mothers find themselves giving 150% of their time, energy and attention to all the loved ones in their life. Sometimes it takes a gentle reminder that they are worthy of their own time, energy and attention for them to dedicate a piece of their day to their self love and wellness.

Pampering mom for mother's day

For the women who brighten up our entire world unconditionally, making time to brighten up her day is the least we can do. While there are countless ways to celebrate the mothers in your life, our hope is that these little suggestions make a big difference in how you show up for mom this year. If you are a mother, leave a comment below with the special ways your children have brightened your face! Was it with quality time set aside together, a physical gift like flowers or a special facial treatment like a microcurrent facial? Whatever it is, we’re curious to hear so we can include it in our effort to make more moms glow!