7 Tips to Achieve Glowing Skin This Summer

7 Tips to Achieve Glowing Skin This Summer - 7E Wellness

As we find ourselves in the middle of summer, we tend to spend more time outdoors enjoying the beautiful weather. Hot temperatures come with their cons however, as the UV rays can be harmful to our skin. When we step outside, we are faced with various destructive factors including pollution, dust, dry heat, and UV rays. This is why protecting and caring for our skin in the summer should be a top priority for anyone looking to preserve their skin and minimize damage . While vitamin D is essential for energy production and healthy for our bodies, it is also the number one culprit in premature skin aging and skin cancers. Talk about a double edge sword… In this article we will give you 7 tips on how to balance the heat and maintain a healthy glow through safe products and microcurrent facials. 

1) Treat your SPF like it's your mask, never leave without it. 

Forget something? Let us help you... it’s probably your SPF. One of the biggest myths about sun damage is that people assume you have to get a bad sunburn in order for it to damage your skin. This however, is untrue and one of the main reasons people forgo applying sunscreen. There are many factors that play into sun damage such as the time of day, location, what type of sunscreen is being used and how often it is applied. The best way to protect your skin is by limiting exposure to direct sunlight and protecting your skin with an efficient SPF. We recommend using a sunscreen with at least 30-50 SPF and one that is specifically broad spectrum which protects against both UVB and UVA rays. Keep in mind, sunscreen will need to be reapplied throughout the day as it usually only lasts a few hours before wearing off. As well as applying sunscreen, your daily products should be modified from the ones you use during fall/winter time.  Here are some tips on how to change up your products/add in new ones to better protect yourself from the heat and achieve that summer glow. 

2) The desert isn’t the only one in a drought- moisturize!

Think of your face as a desert that is in constant need of hydration. You wouldn’t neglect watering your garden would you?  It is easy for your skin to become excessively dry during the summer if not cared for properly which is why consistently moisturizing is critical. Moisturizers should be used twice a day, and can be lighter in quality and feel then your normal product. A moisturizer will protect the outer barrier layer of the skin while hydrating and balancing our skin.  Remember to use one with an SPF during the day and use it on all exposed skin.


Don't forget, your face isn't the only thing that needs protection! That is why we recommend 100% cotton socks from Q for Quinn. These socks are ethically made from certified organic cotton and free from toxins, perfect for those with sensitive skin. Not only are they comfortable and free from BPA's, every pair that is sold will donate 1 meal to a child at school. They are soft and lightweight making them great for the summertime!

3) Toning workouts aren’t just for the gym 

If not using one already, add a lightweight toner into your routine as it will remove any dust, dirt, and pollution that your cleanser missed. Not only does it wipe away left over pollutants, but it balances your pH level. It should be used both morning and night. We recommend trying our Replenish Spritzer. Along with a toner, adding in a microcurrent facial to tone your facial muscles should be added to your weekly facial workout- but we’ll explain more of that below. 

4) Treat your face like you would your plants, water it!

Drinking plenty of water in the summer is vital to your skin’s health, and helps restore it from within. To help hydrate externally, serums, eye and lip treatments should all be incorporated into your routine as they are crucial in hydrating your skin . Serums have concentrated ingredients that provide an extremely hydrating corrective treatment. The skin around our eyes and lips is thinner and more sensitive than the rest of the face and requires extra attention in order to nourish and protect it. 

5) Makeup without SPF? We don’t know her. 

If and when applying makeup during the summer, look for foundations that offer SPF added in, as it adds an extra layer of protection. Note, never substitute a foundation SPF for a regular SPF, only use it in addition to. We recommend keeping makeup usage to a minimum in the summer as it helps to prevent breakouts and is one less layer that could potentially clog pores. 

6) Maybe it’s botox, maybe it’s microcurrent…

Starting a skincare routine is the best way to stay on top of protecting and caring for our skin, and we all want youthful skin, right? One way to achieve this is through facial toning using one of our mini microcurrent machines. Our machines offer a professional grade toning treatment for your face in the comfort of your home. Commonly referred to as a natural facelift, microcurrent devices help you reduce signs of aging without having to risk neurotoxins that botox delivers. We recommend using the  MyoLift QT, or  MyoLift Mini device for your weekly microcurrent facial. The  MyoLift QT is handheld and compact, and comes with an easy to use app that walks you through the process. The  MyoLift Mini is a great microcurrent machine for estheticians and comes with two probes. Both of these MyoLift microcurrent machines offer up to 400 microamps of electrical intensity. A microcurrent facial, paired with protective products is key to healthy skin which is why we’ve put together a daily/weekly routine for you to follow.

7) It takes 21 days to create a habit, 90 days to create a lifestyle

By religiously incorporating a weekly MyoLift microcurrent treatment to your routine, not only are you working towards reversing previous sun damage and wrinkles, but you are creating a habit that will turn into a lifestyle you don’t know how you lived without. Just like the gym, results don’t happen overnight which is why we suggest staying adamant about your weekly microcurrent routine. Our microcurrent devices tone and lift the face through electrical currents which stimulate collagen production and activate the muscle. This is especially important in the summertime as we are constantly exposed to the sun and its aging side effects which hinder collagen production. The electrical currents that occur during a microcurrent facial help to restore your skin overtime to a youthful state and lock in that natural facelift look. 

Ready to say goodbye to wrinkles and hello to a toned complexion? By following our protective tips and adding a microcurrent facial toning device to your routine, you’ll be sure to have glowing skin all summer long.  

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