7E MyoLift™ Microcurrent Contraindications

February 25, 2020

7E MyoLift™ Microcurrent Contraindications | 7E Wellness

7E MyoLift True Microcurrent facial treatments have an impressive list of benefits and it's no wonder they have been growing in popularity over the years. Oftentimes our clients are eager to get a microcurrent facial as often as possible! However, because 7E MyoLift™ is an FDA-Cleared technology, we take extra care to state contraindications. These are occasions where a microcurrent facial should not be performed. Keep these contraindications of microcurrent in mind when consulting with your client or aesthetics professional.

what are microcurrent contraindications to look out for
    • Electrical implant devices such as a pacemaker.
      • This is because the electrical devices use an electrical current that keeps the devices working. Since 7E MyoLift™ uses an electrical current, it can interfere with a pacemaker or cochlear ear implant.
    • Epilepsy; history of seizures.
      • Because Epilepsy is caused by too much electricity in the body, we don't want to increase the electrical current in the body by applying 7E MyoLift™ microcurrent treatments.
    • Active Cancer
      • Cancer affects the cells of the body. Even though with 7E MyoLift we are working on the face, the technology boosts ATP energy in the skin cells - therefore it's better to be safe than sorry and take extra precaution with these conditions.
    • Pregnancy
      • It is best to hold off on 7E MyoLift™ microcurrent treatments while pregnant as a precautionary measure. This is regulation across the board with many of the modalities used in aesthetics as the body has heightened sensitivity during pregnancy.
when to consult a doctor before microcurrent treatments
      • Heart Conditions (consult with physician)
        • If you or your client have a heart condition, microcurrent should only be performed after consultation and approval by your physician. This is an FDA requirement.
      • Diabetes (consult with physician)
        • If you or your client have Diabetes, microcurrent should only be performed after consultation and approval by your physician. This is an FDA requirement.
      • Recent Facial Surgery
        • We recommend 7E MyoLift™ treatment prior to any facial surgery - but it isn't recommended until healing from facial surgery is complete. This is best as to not disrupt the healing process of the surgery. Stay in touch with your doctor and make sure they clear you for a microcurrent treatment before scheduling this treatment post-op.
    Oftentimes, people are under the impression that they should not receive microcurrent treatments if they have had fillers done in the past. Fortunately, fillers and microcurrent are not mutually exclusive. It is safe and effective to receive microcurrent treatments after having fillers done - just make sure to check out our previous blog post on this topic to understand the best way of going about it!

    3 Responses


    March 09, 2020

    Hi Mary,
    If you have had cancer (squamous or basal) and it has been treated then it is safe to use microcurrent.

    Mary Brodwolf
    Mary Brodwolf

    March 09, 2020

    I would like to understand the issue of using the Microcurrent with cancer. I have had squamous and basal cell cancer on my face previously. Is it ok to use the Microcurrent in the areas where the cancer has been removed?


    March 04, 2020

    I would also add that if a particular negative issue comes up (like headaches) that this would also indicate a contraindication that is specific to that person.

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