A Closer Look at MyoLift QT for At-Home Microcurrent

A Closer Look at MyoLift QT for At-Home Microcurrent - 7E Wellness

After almost a year of development, testing and revisions, 7E MyoLift has at last announced the newest member to their microcurrent machine product line. Meet MyoLift QT: your new favorite advanced skin care solution in the comfort of your home. We were inspired to create a microcurrent machine that meets the increasing demand for more at-home microcurrent options. The handheld device from 7E MyoLift™ uses Smart Current™ technology, allowing for customized, professional grade treatments and long-lasting results. It’s your perfect combination of natural and scientific skin care. The patented technology encompasses decades of research and experience delivering microcurrent energy with precision. In this blog article, we will take a closer look at this device and what sets it apart from other MyoLift microcurrent devices as well as what sets it apart from competitors. We are eager to answer your most pressing questions, so without further ado...

Why MyoLift QT™?

7E MyoLift designed MyoLift QT after we saw an increased demand for a simpler, more powerful handheld microcurrent device in the at-home skincare arena. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic began to impact salons and spas across the world our audience and client base made it clear that a handheld microcurrent machine was something they desired. While handheld microcurrent technologies like NuFace and ZIIP offered solutions, there were questions among the general public as to whether these devices were actually conducting, stimulating the muscles with enough microamps, and if they were considered “micocurrent technology” at all. We also saw our own audience members and clients who were overwhelmed at navigating the two probes and unique movements of our MyoLift™ Mini. This was not surprising as this advanced device was originally created with professionals in mind like licensed estheticians and medical spas.

Observing these conversations, our team got to work designing a handheld microcurrent machine that stood out in the market for its authenticity. We began dreaming up a handheld microcurrent device for home use that was simpler to maneuver. Something reliable that offered more transparency, a deeper delivery of current, provided faster, more effective treatments and ultimately gave users more confidence in their at-home microcurrent treatments.

MyoLift™ QT was designed with the home user in mind. This device was designed for busy parents and business people who have the desire to pursue healthier, younger skin but don’t necessarily have the extra time to do longer microcurrent facial treatments (let alone learn the ins and outs of a more advanced microcurrent device). At 7E, we have always been motivated to offer a microcurrent skincare solution to everyone, and with MyoLift QT we believe we can reach a new demographic of individuals pursuing skin health!

A closer look at MyoLift QT

What is Smart Current™?

One of the most exciting elements of MyoLift QT is the implementation of Smart Current™ technology. Smart Current™ is what makes MyoLift QT at-home microcurrent facial treatments deeper, better, faster, easier and safer than other handheld microcurrent machines on the market. Smart Current™ allows for customization in a handheld microcurrent machine experience, giving you a better understanding of what your device is doing during your treatment. This technology allows you to visualize conductivity, adjust microcurrent intensity and customize your treatment based on your skin condition, problem area(s), and sensitivity as you progress in your skincare journey.

How does the MyoLift QT app work?

The MyoLift QT app begins by asking you a set of questions to identify where you are in your skincare journey and what your primary skin health concerns are. After creating your unique profile, the app walks you through your MyoLift QT device as well as the app’s features. Within the app you can select from a variety of preset protocols that will either guide you through a MyoLift QT full facial treatment with the handheld device or how to use the USB-C port built into the bottom of the device to simply connect and utilize popular accessories like conductive gloves or masks for a treatment that fits your comfort and needs. Each preset option not only walks you through the movements and steps for a successful treatment, but also has a section that reflects whether or not you are achieving conductivity. The conductivity bar will be red if your device is not conducting the current to your facial muscles and will be green if your device is conducting the current to your facial muscles. The conductivity bar on all of our MyoLift™ devices is one of our clients’ favorite features so we knew we couldn’t leave it out when we began development of MyoLift™ QT!

For more advanced MyoLift users, you can even use the app’s “Custom” treatment setting to manually increase or decrease microcurrent intensity ranging from 100-400 microamps and toggle between Stretch and Lift settings. The Stretch setting relaxes your facial muscles that have tightened over time, often resulting in fine lines and wrinkles. The Lift setting tightens the facial muscles that have relaxed over time and often lead to noticeable sagging of the skin. The Custom treatment setting on MyoLift QT also has the conductivity bar feature to support your confidence and awareness during your treatment.

MyoLift QT smartphone

Do you need to use the App?

Yes! MyoLift QT is an app-based device. In order to use your MyoLift QT handheld microcurrent machine from 7E Wellness you must have the MyoLift QT mobile app downloaded to your smartphone. This app is friendly to both iOS and Android phone users. Our team is excited to explore this approach and offer something more portable for the modern user!

How does MyoLift QT™ compare to MyoLift™ Mini?

This is a fabulous question! MyoLift QT and MyoLift Mini have a few similarities as well as key differences, so let’s explore that.

How do they compare: MyoLift Mini and MyoLift QT are similar in that they both have a maximum intensity of 400 microamps. They have the same sensation phenomena like metallic taste when treating areas around the mouth and visual “light strobing” when treating areas around the eyes. The technologies are also similar in how they give a visual reference for conduction with the conductivity bar and how customization abilities like allowing the user to adjust settings like intensity.

How are they different: As for how the devices differ, the first note is that MyoLift QT was designed with the home user in mind. MyoLift Mini was not. MyoLift Mini was originally designed to be used in the treatment room by licensed estheticians and medical professionals on their clients. As the demand for a home-use device began to rise our team decided to make MyoLift Mini available to skincare enthusiasts and professionals alike. Over time, though, we did find that MyoLift™ Mini’s advanced design and movements were overwhelming for a majority of home users. For home users, learning the correct movements and use of the two probes created frustration and discouragement. MyoLift QT is our solution to an easier personal use of microcurrent and we hope that making microcurrent easy to use and more time-efficient encourages users to integrate this powerful modality into their regular skincare routine.

The second difference in these devices is that MyoLift™ Mini is a standalone device whereas MyoLift QT is a wireless device that requires Bluetooth connection to a smartphone with the MyoLift QT app for use. 

Another key difference between briefly mentioned above is that MyoLift Mini utilizes two probes, each with their own dual tip and MyoLift QT is a simple handheld probe with a dual tip. Again, this design choice was pursued in an effort to make MyoLift QT a better solution for the home user overwhelmed by the original and advanced movements of our other MyoLift microcurrent machines. We will dive more into how this makes MyoLift QT unique in the next paragraph.

What about the signature Pinch-and-Hold movements?

For our users who are familiar with our technology, one of our signature distinctions in the microcurrent industry is that our two probes allow for advanced Pinch-and-Hold movements which deliver microcurrent directly to the belly of the facial muscles. Obviously, with a singular probe MyoLift QT cannot mimic these classic movements. Because of this, you’ll notice MyoLift QT movements are more similar to a traditional Slide-and-Glide movement seen in other handheld devices. Having said that, with MyoLift QT you can still expect a more advanced, customizable and powerful treatment as a result of our Smart Current™ technology. Remember that Smart Current™ offers a deeper, better, faster, easier and safer microcurrent delivery than other handheld microcurrent machines on the market.

pinch and hold movements with MyoLift QT

Is this still True Microcurrent™?

In the past we’ve discussed that our MyoLift technology delivers True Microcurrent™ which, by definition, delivers sub-sensory microcurrent of less than 1000 microamps with Pinch-and-Hold movements over a cumulative series of treatments. While we admit MyoLift QT does not utilize the Pinch-and-Hold movements, the ability of this device to connect with our conductive gloves still allows users to take advantage of Pinch-and-Hold movements if and when they feel comfortable. Our team has in fact designed this device to meet all parameters of what we define as True Microcurrent™.

Will my results be faster than / better than / as good as MyoLift Mini?

MyoLift QT results will be comparable to what you might expect from MyoLift™ Mini. You can still expect cumulative or consistent treatments to reward you with maximum results. You can expect reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, evening of skin tone and a better absorption of serums and other products by your skin as microcurrent drives products deeper into the skin. MyoLift QT still brings lifting results with its metal probes, and with QT you can move onto more advanced lifting results by using Pinch-and-Hold movements with our conductive gloves.


In summation, MyoLift QT is going to be a different experience from our other MyoLift products but will offer similar results. If you are trying to decide between MyoLift QT and MyoLift Mini you will have to ask yourself which features are more important to you: Cordless or Corded? Pinch-and-Hold or easier Slide-and-Glide movements? Portability or Tabletop? Quicker treatments or longer more detailed treatments? Based on some of those answers, you will be able to choose the best at-home microcurrent facial device for your needs. If you still feel lost you can always give our team a call at 1.888.412.3160 and allow our educators to guide you to the best machine for you!