Choosing a Microcurrent Device for Your Spa

Choosing a Microcurrent Device for Your Spa - 7E Wellness

The right microcurrent device is essential to your services.  Microcurrent is one of the key modalities that can define the overall experience of your clients. For many estheticians, positive client experiences and dependable results are the recipe for success and stability. Your clients want to walk out of their treatments feeling good about their experience with you as well as the progress their skin is making. As an esthetician, you are stepping into an arena to compete with thousands of other professionals in the market. What will set you apart and help you build the consistent bookings you need to succeed as a business owner? 

Selecting the ideal microcurrent device is paramount for fostering long-term success in your business. A high-quality device ensures efficacy and will continue to do so for years after its purchase and want to also make sure the device you purchase has the training and customer service to help you be successful. Clients can witness noticeable results that leave them satisfied and eager to return for future treatments. You are not just investing in a device, you are about to embark upon a long-term commitment that will come to fruition in the form of reliability and durability means uninterrupted service delivery, 

What do Clients Want?

It’s simple. They want you to turn back time.
Jokes aside, they simply want to look younger. Often, they also want this result without any pain or downtime post-treatment. But we all know this is not as simple as it looks in the Before/After images. There is a meticulous combination of professional products and devices that go into a truly efficacious treatment. While choosing the right device, consider what kind of clientele you are serving and conduct your search accordingly. For a new Esthetician or a business owner on a budget, more affordable devices like the Myolift Mini or Myolift 600+ are great options to build your reputation and accrue value without breaking the bank. It is also helpful to look for a device that has customization options. For example, the Myolift MD (Master Device) features 8 unique waveforms providing a myriad of different effects and benefits, customizable multi-waveform protocols, pre-programmed treatment protocols, as well as 9 customizable treatments you can create. Features like this help estheticians expand their range of services and cater to each client’s unique needs. The question remains how to choose the right microcurrent professional machine?

Identify Your Goals 

Have a complete understanding and clarity of what kind of treatments you want to offer with a particular device. What kinds of treatments do you do most often now? For example, are you focusing on anti-aging treatments, muscle toning, sensitive skin, event prep, skin of color, acne, or perhaps a bit of everything? Are you interested in providing quick services and targeted add-ons, or do your facials always run overtime? You can now look at and compare different devices and their price range, as well as their complexity.

Safety is Key

Built-in safety mechanisms are a necessity to protect against overheating, electrical mishaps, and other possible issues. As a professional, you need assurance that everything you are offering in your business is 100% safe. One thing to look for is FDA Clearance, which suggests not only safety but efficacy as well. For example, Myolift™ devices are FDA Cleared and incorporate safety features such as automatic shut-off and overload protection to ensure user safety and prevent any potential damage to the device or skin. 

Microcurrent and Your Backbar

Nothing is better than a device that helps to amplify the effectiveness of all the skincare products you’ve painstakingly chosen for your client. Microcurrent is acclaimed for increasing product penetration, making it a natural pair with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, peptides, antioxidants, growth factors, exosomes, and more. If you are using these ingredients without a microcurrent device, you may not be reaching their full potential. Your clients will see the difference in product efficacy, and it will reflect in your retention.
For reference, the Myolift MD is compatible with a wide range of skincare products, including conductive gels, mists, and serums.

Find Brands that Offer Support

Ensure that the manufacturer offers comprehensive training resources, tutorials, and user manuals to help you fully utilize the capabilities of the machine. Additionally, assess the availability of robust customer support services, encompassing technical assistance and warranty coverage, to address any queries or concerns promptly. Brands like 7E Wellness go all the way through educating about the devices as well as conducting webinars and workshops to empower estheticians who want to grow their careers with the power of microcurrent. They also offer financial planning assistance to assist in budgeting and to help generate better and more consistent revenue.In the business of skincare, you are as good as your backbar.

The right devices and products can rocket you forward in your career, or the wrong ones could hold you back. The responsibility is ours as professionals to make the astute choice for our unique businesses and philosophies. Devices like the Myolift family are known industry-wide for versatility, innovation, comprehensive training and ongoing support, and compatibility with emerging techniques. This is all born of a desire to keep your business at the forefront of the industry and empower you and your staff to deliver exceptional service and maintain operational excellence.
In essence, the right choice of microcurrent device is not just an investment in equipment, but an investment in the enduring success and reputation of your business.