Science Behind Microcurrent Facial Toning Part 1 of 2

June 02, 2021

Science Behind Microcurrent Facial Toning Part 1 of 2 | 7E Wellness

Part 1 : Science Behind Microcurrent Facial Toning

Facial toning is a topic of conversation amongst most age groups in which the treatments have evolved over the past several decades. We have gone from facial toning yoga exercises to pricey "As Seen on TV" gimmicks. Add to that,
the ever increasing need for the facial toning options to be minimally or non-invasive 

Facial toning devices include:
1. Microcurrent devices
2. Radio frequency devices
3. Ultrasonic devices

The million-dollar question that often gets asked is "How do microcurrent facial toning devices fare and do they really work”?

The short answer is yes. Let’s break this answer into 2 parts:

First, let's understand the science behind Microcurrent facial toning. In the second part, which will be published soon, we will cover how to select the right microcurrent facial device that optimally implements this science and works for you. To be notified when part 2 is published - please subscribe here.

Science behind Microcurrent Facial toning

Let's start with the basics - What is Facial Toning?

Facial toning is the process of re-establishing the skin and muscles of the face and neck back to its original position. This is done by electrostimulation "Passive Exercising" of the skin and skeletal muscles. Metal electro-probes are used to stimulate certain muscles by (lifting or stretching the muscle, depending on the waveform selected), opening the freeways of electrical current so it runs freely to every cell in the body and stimulates a biological reaction. 

Facial toning devices increase work, both on the inside and outside of the skin, such as increasing muscle volume while firming and tightening. The skin is regenerated due to ATP production, and wrinkles and fine lines are reduced. Furthermore, they increase blood circulation for skin nourishment.

How does microcurrent create these biological changes in our skin and muscles?

Microcurrent is an electrical current that exists in our bodies. As the body (or any of its counterparts) age or become injured or impaired, the flow of this natural current is compromised. It is these compromised injuries, along with the aging process, that becomes a contributing factor in the skin's inability to repair itself in a healthy and timely manner. Microcurrent contributes to the increased blood flow and exchange of oxygen and other biological components which allow for the release of energy to the targeted tissues and halts the breakdown of the collagen/elastin network. Subsequently, microcurrent will increase collagen types 1, 2 for the skin.

It works! A Microcurrent Medical Case Study

Multiple studies have proven the efficacy of microcurrent based applications for body and skin. The most impressive microcurrent case study was taken from, M.A Physiotherapy Thesis. This study analyzed the efficacy and prolonged effects of microcurrent treatments performed on the face and neck.

Thirty women, with varying stages of facial wrinkles, performed twenty minutes of microcurrent for thirty consecutive treatments. The results showed a dramatic improvement of 21.18% one month after the final treatment. Patients had a 70% improvement in facial tone, firmness and tightness.

Click here to read the entire study.

Microcurrent Treatment Before and After Results

[Saniee      F.  Ghafarian  Shirazi  H.R.   .  Khademi  Kalantari    K.  Yazdanpanah  P.  Soltani A.R.   Dabiri  N. Ghafarian  Shirazi   N, Karinpour  F.  Consider Micro-Current's  effect  to variation  of  Facial  Wrinkle trend.  Life  Sci  J  2012;9(3):1184-1189].  (ISSN: 1097-8135). .  166

In our next series we will talk about how not all microcurrent devices are created equally and what is the criterion to choose the right one. To be notified when this part 2 is published - please subscribe to our mailing list. 

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Blyssey @ 7eWellness
Blyssey @ 7eWellness

October 04, 2021

Hello Ildegardo! The QT and Mini go up to 400 microamps. the 600 goes up to 600 microamps and the MD is 800. All fall within the True Microcurrent range.


October 04, 2021

¿How much current is used?

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