How A Microcurrent Facial Helps Reduce Wrinkles

How A Microcurrent Facial Helps Reduce Wrinkles - 7E Wellness

Microcurrent facials are becoming the hottest new thing on the skin care market--forget about creams and lotions and balms and masks. Microcurrent facials combine the best of modern technology with the best minds in the skin care industry, resulting in a product that has proven, consistent results and makes you look younger! This non-invasive facial lifting and toning treatment gets results. And that’s the whole test, isn’t it? Does it work? Absolutely. Microcurrent facials work.

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How it Works

After washing your face, perhaps exfoliating if you’d like, and maybe a little LED therapy, you’re all set for your microcurrent facial. Microcurrent is exactly what it sounds like: a very small electric current that moves through your facial muscles. But don’t let the sound of that scare you away! It’s very minor, it doesn’t hurt, and you’ll leave feeling great.

Why does electric current help your face?

When the wands (two wands are placed on your face to form a circuit between them) tiny pulses of electricity jump from wand to wand exactly the same way that your body’s own muscles generate electric pulses to move. This microcurrent is making your facial muscles flex and relax, flex and relax--no different from a workout at a gym. Imagine that you’re lifting weights or doing yoga--you flex your arm and stretch it, then relax it, and by doing this repeatedly you increase muscle tone. And it’s exactly that tone that you’re looking for in your face!

As we age our faces start to droop and wrinkle, but by rejuvenating the muscles with exercise--muscle contractions in the cheeks, chin, forehead and everywhere else--you are tightening up your face muscles and losing that sagginess. 

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Why Most Anti-Wrinkle Products Fail

The skin is a very delicate and complicated organ--it’s the largest organ in your body!--but it often gets the harshest treatments, from sun damage to abrasive soaps to harsh cleaning chemicals. Skin gets abused. But one of the biggest reasons that most anti-wrinkle products fail is because they’re focused on the skin and not the muscle that is sagging just below that exterior. No amount of cream or lotion can make a loose cheek muscle become taut and firm. All that creams and lotions can do is help hydrate the creases and fill in the gaps. 

When it comes to actually taking care of your face--your whole face and not just your skin--you need something that affects the muscles underneath the epidermis. Only by targeting the muscle groups and getting them firm and strong can you hope to have a smooth, firm face.

Take Years off Your Face in Just a Few Treatments

You don’t need to wait until your fifty to start microcurrent facials--even getting the procedure done at twenty-five is going to show results.

The reason is because the microfacial works quickly and you can even see results in minutes. Aside from just giving your facial muscles a workout, the two prongs help your body produce collagen, elastin, and increase blood circulation. That’s an immediate effect that you’ll get from your very first treatment. The more treatments you get, the stronger those face muscles will grow, the more collagen and elastin are produced, and the healthier and younger your face will appear. 

It's Painless

Sometimes beauty is pain--you know this if you've ever gotten a bikini wax!--but microcurrent facial treatments are non-invasive and gentle and it provides amazing results. You will definitely feel the light tension of your muscles as the electricity moves through your face, but it’s no more invasive and uncomfortable than getting a massage. It’s completely painless and even relaxing. Your treatment will be half facial and half meditation. 

Now, it’s not for everyone. Obviously, if you have a health condition that makes you susceptible to electric shock, such as having a pacemaker or other electronic implant, you will want to consult with your doctor. And if you’ve recently had a procedure like a botox injection, you’ll want to wait the recommended time before doing a microcurrent facial, but otherwise, dive right in! It’s a wonderful experience that will rejuvenate your skin and make you look younger and feel more confident.

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