How long does a microcurrent facial last?

How long does a microcurrent facial last? - 7E Wellness

This is an advanced time in technological history where instant gratification is promised across all industries. The beauty industry, specifically, is where we turn for quick solutions to feel more confident in how we present ourselves to the world.

There have always been invasive options to choose from when it comes to lifting and toning the face like surgical facelifts and botox. However, at 7E we will always encourage exploration of non-invasive facial contouring with microcurrent. We've been thrilled to see an increase in people turning to more natural approaches to youthful skin.

So why choose a non-invasive facial toning treatment? In addition to the clear benefit of more natural-appearing results, a microcurrent facial actually helps to re-educate facial muscles as well as increase ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which is the energy inside our cells. When we have muscle tone in our face, it is more effective at holding  the skin tight where it is needed or relaxed where it is needed. After microcurrent therapy, it’s fairly common to see a little lift! Initial results with MyoLift usually last about 72 hours. This is where we like to reiterate that each microcurrent treatment builds upon the last. Cumulative microcurrent treatments ultimately build the strength in your facial muscles which helps them hold results from a microcurrent session longer. This is why microcurrent treatments need to be repeated in a full series. Talk with your esthetician about which series of treatments is recommended for your individual skin type, age, and other variables.

How many microcurrent treatments are needed?

For results that last the longest, microcurrent must be repeated in a full series. We recommend a microcurrent facial every other day for 5-20 minutes per session. For your first 60 days we recommend using MyoLift 1-3 times a week. After that point, you can move to 1 or 2 facials a month as maintenance sessions. Consistent treatments help re-educate the muscles and with each treatment your facial muscles grow stronger and hold the lift for longer. While MyoLift is safe to use daily, it is not suggested. Taking at least one day of rest in-between microcurrent treatments ensures you are not overworking the facial muscles, which is better for absorbing the benefits of your facial.

how often should you do a microcurrent facial?

How often should you do a microcurrent facial?

Our favorite way to explain how microcurrent works is by teaching that it is literally like a exercise for your entire face. Similarly to the consistent routine you need to create by putting time in at the gym to exercise the rest of your body, getting into your microcurrent therapy routine is doing the same thing for the muscles of the face. Each microcurrent treatment helps your muscles familiarize with lift and muscle tone, and they accumulate for a desired outcome of holding the lift for longer on its own. For your first 60 days we recommend using MyoLift 1-3 times a week. After you find you are satisfied with your results from the initial series you move into a microcurrent maintenance routine. Another way microcurrent facials are similar to exercise for the rest of the body is that results often first take place in healing beneath the skin. With exercise this might look like a reduced heartrate, sore muscles, or increased metabolism. In the case of microcurrent facials it looks like stimulation and increase of ATP, increase of protein synthesis and strengthening existing collagen and elastin fibers. When we continue to heal the internal health of the skin, external transformations are quick to follow, creating the visible benefits we all desire.

How long does it take to see results from a microcurrent facial?

Many people claim they can see results after their first microcurrent facial treatment. In fact, it is not unheard of to see visible results after a single treatment. However if you don’t see results after the first treatment, that’s normal too! This will vary on your unique skin condition. As we explain above, for the best facial lifting and toning results it is recommended that you prepare to schedule at least one treatment a month to maintain and increase the facial contouring results. Talk with your esthetician about the series of treatments they would recommend for your unique skin type, age, and other variables. And if you’re looking for a MyoLift microcurrent facial provider in your area, you can always use our provider map to find your nearest one.

Also similar to exercise for the body, it’s important to track your results with before and after photos. Oftentimes we don’t recognize subtle changes happening from one treatment to the next, so tracking your results with photos before and after each treatment will help to identify exactly where improvements are happening across your entire face. You’ll see exactly which muscles are lifting and where wrinkles and fine lines are diminishing. This process of tracking through photos helps motivate clients to stay committed to their microcurrent series and will have you confidently showing off your bare skin.

which is better: botox or microcurrent for antiaging

What’s better: Microcurrent or Botox?

This decision really comes down to what you feel most comfortable with. When we compare microcurrent to its popular alternative treatment, Botox, we can find many similarities. While you may have a more guaranteed immediate result after your first treatment, this approach requires upkeep as well. The primary difference between treatments like Botox and the natural process of treating signs of aging skin with Microcurrent is that Botox freezes your facial muscles, causing them to atrophy. As a result, once Botox begins to wear off your skin may sag more than it did prior to the treatment. This approach to the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles requires upkeep and maintenance treatments over time. The estheticians at 7E Wellness have spoken on this comparison in the past and stated that they notice some clients reach a point where they require multiple injections for Botox to show results. This tells them that the muscle no longer responds to the treatment. More and more aesthetics clients have made the transition to microcurrent because it has more concrete benefits for overall skin health in the aging process.