How To Set Up Clients For At Home Success Following Professional Treatments

How To Set Up Clients For At Home Success Following Professional Treatments - 7E Wellness

Microcurrent technology has redefined ageless beauty by offering non-invasive rejuvenation that enhances natural features without the risks of surgery or injections. Through gentle electrical stimulation, microcurrent treatments improve skin tone, texture, and firmness while promoting collagen production for long-term benefits. Accessible, portable microcurrent devices have made beauty achievable for all, empowering individuals to embrace their unique beauty journey with confidence.

Provide informational materials

You should educate your customers by providing materials and information available on the websites about the microcurrent treatment of the brands that are being utilized. A plethora of instructions and "How to" videos are available with specific instructions being curated that can help.

Offer video tutorials about microcurrent treatments

Show them the video tutorials provided by certain brands like 7E Wellness that showcase the correct usage of at-home microcurrent devices. It helps to include step-by-step written instructions and tips for getting the most out of their device. These tutorials can be shared directly with clients via email, social media, or on your website.

Host educational microcurrent technology workshops
Organize or join educational workshops or events where clients can learn more about at-home microcurrent devices. Invite experts in microcurrent technology to demonstrate the devices and answer any questions clients may have.

Recommend the right products
When recommending an at-home microcurrent device, it's crucial to assess your clients in order to match them with the best device. Begin by understanding their primary skin issues—whether it's fine lines, sagging skin, texture irregularities, or dullness. Tailor your recommendation based on their needs, opting for devices with adjustable intensity levels and user-friendly designs.
For those seeking professional-grade results, microcurrent technology stands out for its effectiveness and versatility.

Help your clients maintain consistency with their microcurrent treatment
Consistency is vital in microcurrent therapy for effective results because the low-level electrical currents used to stimulate facial muscles need regular reinforcement to maintain muscle tone and firmness. Continuous usage promotes increased circulation, collagen production, and cellular repair, resulting in long-term improvements in skin texture and tone. Without consistency, the benefits may diminish, making a consistent treatment schedule essential for maximizing the effectiveness of microcurrent technology.

Encourage clients to set reminders on their phones to prompt regular usage, integrating it into their daily routine. Schedule follow-up appointments to check progress, address challenges, and offer encouragement. Celebrate clients' achievements and provide positive reinforcement to keep them motivated. Additionally, share supportive resources such as skincare tips and stress-reduction techniques to aid their skincare journey, for example, the Myolift QT app by 7E Wellness tracks the customer’s progress via pictures and keeping treatment records that can be accessed and can be analyzed. Through these efforts, estheticians can empower clients to maintain consistency with their at-home microcurrent device, leading to more effective and sustainable results.

By tailoring treatment protocols to individual client needs and leveraging the synergistic effects of various modalities, estheticians can achieve comprehensive and long-lasting results. Radiant, youthful skin is a goal for many, and achieving it requires a balanced approach that combines the expertise of microcurrent technology with consistent at-home care. This synergy allows individuals to reap the benefits of both worlds, ensuring comprehensive skincare that addresses various concerns and maintains long-term results.