How to Treat Eye and Lip Wrinkles Fast

How to Treat Eye and Lip Wrinkles Fast - 7E Wellness

One of the first places we notice signs of aging on our face are around our eyes or around our mouth. We like to think this is because our lives are so full of laughter and smiling! But once you see fine lines and wrinkles begin to develop around your mouth and eyes, it might discourage you from continuing to be as expressive with your emotions. Our hope is that with non-invasive technology like True Microcurrent™, you can spend more time enjoying moments of bliss and less time hiding away. 

First signs of aging around the eyes and mouth

Our faces begin to display signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and mouth due to a few factors. As stated above, our emotional expression holds responsibility when it comes to signs of aging. While expressing our feelings is essential to our survival, it tends to work against us when it comes to maintaining a youthful appearance. Squinting, smiling and scowling result in fine lines to the sides of the eyes as well as dreaded “elevens” and “bunny lines”. 

A primary area of study for microcurrent technology is the production of an organic compound called adenosine triphosphate (we refer to it as ATP). In layman's terms, ATP is known as the cellular energy of our cells. ATP is responsible for our cell’s ability to repair itself and to produce important key structural proteins like Collagen and Elastin. Those two words probably sound familiar! That’s because they are the structural proteins that are responsible for the tight, glowing and otherwise youthful appearance of our skin. But with age, our bodies slow down and don’t generate as much ATP on their own. The body’s natural process of repairing itself slows down. When there is less Collagen and Elastin production in our bodies, the results are:

  • Sagging skin weighing down and leading to thin skin under the eyes
  • Puffiness and dark circles around the eyes that make us feel extra run down
  • More defined wrinkles and fine lines from expression of emotion

Fortunately, the electrical current from microcurrent devices helps to stimulate ATP and encourage consistent production of Collagen and Elastin.

Environmental factors like UV rays and our individual lifestyle choices are also reasons our skin shows signs of aging. Speaking of environmental impact on skin aging, one simple but notable factor behind visible aging is the Earth’s gravity.

Treating Signs of Aging around the Eyes Fast

One of the first steps to treating aging around the eyes is investing in a good moisturizing eye cream. This will address signs of aging around the eyes like puffiness and dark circles. Additionally, depending on the ingredients of your eye cream it may help reduce the depth of more prominent fine lines and wrinkles.

Spend extra time during facial treatments targeting the eye area. At home you can use the Conductive Eye Mask with 7E MyoLift™ Mini. This accessory locates microcurrent technology to areas under the eyes, to the side of the eyes and in the brow area to stimulate ATP, Collagen and Elastin production. You can also use classic microcurrent probes to treat this area, but the conductive mask allows for a faster, hands-free anti-aging microcurrent treatment around the eyes.

Hydrating your body internally can also make a difference in signs of aging around the eyes. Make it your goal to drink plenty of water - the benefits of a hydrated body go far beyond just treating signs of aging! Water helps reduce bloat, increase energy levels and improves our cells’ functionality. 

how to get better quality sleep

Finally, make sure you’re factoring in the amount of sleep you're getting when you’re considering what may help with aging eyes. We have all seen a sleepless night effect the appearance of our face. If this is a trouble area for you, it may be a result of too much stress in your lifestyle or environment. A tool that you may want to consider is our 7E MyoCalme™ stress reduction device. 7E MyoCalme™ is an FDA-cleared cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES) microcurrent therapy machine that provides a powerful, predictable and proven stress relief experience. One of the primary benefits of  MyoCalme™ is improved quality of sleep. Sleeplessness starts in your brain, where electrochemical signals - neurotransmitters - control whether we are asleep or awake. During normal sleep cycles, neurons at the base of the brain begin signaling when we fall asleep, and "switch off" the signals that keep us awake. When these neurotransmitters become unbalanced, the signals don't work the way they should - disrupting sleep patterns and keeping you up all night. MyoCalme™ works by safely modulating the brain's electrochemical signals, bringing them back to balance so you can get a more restful sleep.

Fortunately, MyoCalme™ works fast (within just a few hours or days) to give you the relief you need and assisting in the reduction of signs of aging around the eyes. 

Treating Signs of Aging around the Mouth Fast

You can treat signs of aging around the mouth by following some of the same techniques mentioned above: hydrating your body by drinking enough water, staying well rested, and intentional skincare products

A must-have skincare product to include in your routine if you want to prioritize antiaging is a retinoid cream. If possible, try to get a prescription-grade retinol cream in your toolkit. 

Other ways to prioritize anti-aging are to shift your lifestyle habits. If you are a smoker, this can result in a faster depletion of your Collagen levels. Wearing sunscreen daily also plays a major role in preventing signs of aging on the face.

You can spend extra time during facial treatments targeting the mouth and lip area. At home you can use the Conductive Lip Mask with 7E MyoLift™ Mini. This accessory locates microcurrent technology to areas around the lips, nasolabial folds, smile lines, and chin to stimulate ATP, Collagen and Elastin production. Ultimately this helps reduce signs of aging around the mouth fast. You can also use classic microcurrent probes to treat the areas around the mouth. Like the conductive eye mask, the conductive lip mask allows for an almost effortless and fast anti-aging treatment around the mouth. 

microcurrent face masks for eye and mouth wrinkles

7E MyoLift Lead Wire Splitter: Treat Eye and Lip Wrinkles Simultaneously

If you are the owner of a 7E MyoLift™ True Microcurrent™ device, you have one of the best (and easiest) tools for treating eye and lip wrinkles fast. While our classic ball tip probes produce great results on their own when it comes to anti-aging benefits, our recommendation is to utilize the 7E Conductive Eye and Lip masks. The adhesive face masks peel and stick to eye and lip areas, targeting the current from your microcurrent device directly to these common trouble areas. That means hands-free, easy and fast microcurrent therapy treatments! Recently, we released an awesome new accessory that allows you to utilize both the Conductive Eye Mask and Conductive Lip Mask at the same time for faster antiaging treatment. This accessory is the 7E MyoLift™ Lead Wire Splitter! Here’s how you would use them together.

  • Plug the Lead Wire Splitter into your MyoLift™ microcurrent device.
  • Gently twist (it will be snug) until the wires are connected to the 7E Conductive Eye Mask on one end and the 7E Conductive Lip Mask on the other end.
  • Remove the plastic pieces from the back of the conductivity masks.
  • Place the 7E Conductive Eye Mask over the eyes.
  • Place the 7E Conductive Lip Mask over the mouth.
  • Turn on your MyoLift™ microcurrent device.
  • Select “Erase” and set your Intensity level to a comfortable setting. (No more than 400 microamps when using both masks at once)
  • Set Time for 10-15 minutes then select “Run”.
  • Next, select “Educate” & set time for 10-15 minutes.
  • Adjust your Intensity to a comfortable setting and then select “Run”.
  • Remove the 7E Conductive Masks and place the plastic over them.
  • Return the masks to their plastic bags.

Aging is a natural process and shouldn’t be something you feel embarrassed or ashamed about! However, if you notice that your signs of aging affect your confidence levels or mental health, there’s no shame in taking steps to reduce their appearance either. At the end of the day, knowing your options for quickly treating signs of aging around the eyes and mouth is empowering! We hope that you feel supported by the ideas and information from this article.