7E Wellness Featured In LA Weekly

7E Wellness Featured In LA Weekly - 7E Wellness

A Look at 7E Wellness, Beauty Industry Disrupter and Innovator

If you’re an avid consumer in the beauty space, you’re likely accustomed to the overwhelming options and disappointing promises. I know I am – I’ve been burned by savvy marketing more times than I care to admit. Words like “miracle,” “instant,” and “guaranteed” seem to rule the realm. As a result, it can be difficult to determine which products are an advertising scheme, and which are on the level. After learning more about the company and experiencing their products, first hand, I can tell you that 7E Wellness is very much the latter.

Over the last 13 years, this California-based beauty disruptor has sold thousands of units and amassed a loyal following of consumers and estheticians alike. And that’s no small accomplishment: in this space, what the average user and hardcore professional rely on are rarely the same thing. 7E Wellness was founded by Pooja Johari, a pioneer in the industry and seasoned entrepreneur. A business and science double-threat, her goal was always to be a player in space she loved from a young age. She wanted to deliver a product that could help women’s beauty in a holistic, non-invasive way, and her company is a manifestation of that goal. “From an early age, I knew I wanted to do something like this.” Pooja says, “After receiving my Masters of Science in Biomedical Engineering from USC, I had the skills necessary to turn my vision into a reality. Since then, each iteration of our product has gotten better and better. As we saw the response from the first few users, as well as the results, I knew that we had a winning formula on our hands.”

Pooja also relishes the fact that this has brought “facelift” results to the masses. “For most of the people I know, going under the knife for a traditional facelift wasn’t an option for myriad reasons. And I completely understand that!” Pooja noted emphatically, “And you shouldn’t have to have the financial resources and time freedom to achieve these desired results. With our technology, you don’t have to. They can be attained at home without any pain, excessive expense or worry. That was a paramount goal with this company, and it makes me so happy that we’ve been able to bring that to consumers everywhere.”

Now in it’s 13th year, 7E Wellness has created diverse, FDA-approved products that deliver on those early ambitions. Each one is powered by True Microcurrent Technology, something that they have helped innovate, develop and perfect since 2008. This effectively lifts and tones facial muscles via a series of small metal probes and specific attachments. Often used as an alternative to botox, the devices have been steadily converting at-home consumers and professional spa owners looking for a proven solution to offer their client base.

When reflecting on user feedback and the company’s rapid growth, Pooja notes that this is just the start for her technology. “We’re very excited about the response that we’ve gotten to date. Seeing the comments, reviews and testimonials, it’s clear that this is having the intended result: we’re giving women everywhere an option to enhance their beauty in an attainable, tangible way.” Pooja says, “And the fact that these results are not subjective is part of the magic that we’ve been able to create with this brand. It’s clear that our products are having an impact, and our customers appreciate that transparency. Over the coming months, we’re going to scale this to new heights – it’s going to be an exciting ride.” 

During the course of our interview, the team at 7E Wellness reinforced several times that they want to redouble their efforts to make this technology available to everyone. They’ve dedicated the past few months to the Summer of Beauty Special, which offers a 15% discount on their most popular offerings: MyoLift Mini and MyoLift QT. For more information about their technology and product line, visit 7EWellness or visit them on Instagram @7EMyoLift.