Lymphatic Drainage: The Benefits Behind The Trending Treatment

Lymphatic Drainage: The Benefits Behind The Trending Treatment - 7E Wellness

Everyone Loves Lymphatic Drainage: The How and Why Behind One of Skincare’s Biggest Trending Treatments

If you’re someone who likes to keep up with the latest beauty tricks and tips on social media, you’ve likely noticed that lymphatic drainage has taken over the skincare scene in recent years. 

Despite its peculiar name, lymphatic drainage is actually an amazing treatment modality that works to stimulate the body’s lymphatic system, and, as a result, is able to produce some pretty impressive beauty benefits. To better understand how it works, keep reading for a full breakdown!

Why Your Lymphatic System Matters: The Connection Between Lymph and Skin

What most people don’t realize is that because the lymphatic system sits just below the surface of the skin, it actually plays a very important role in skin health and immunity. 

Acting as a detoxification and filtration system for the entire body, your lymph is what clears away toxins and bacteria, while also delivering oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells. When healthy lymph flow is in play, the skin is more likely to look and feel its best, taking on that much coveted luminous glow.

On the other hand, when lymph isn’t moving properly, toxins can start to accumulate below the surface, and the skin has a harder time carrying out important repair, and rejuvenation processes, leading it to become dull or dry. You may even notice that inflammatory issues – such as acne, eczema, and rosacea – are more common.

When this happens, lymphatic drainage treatments can be a very effective way to improve your skin’s condition and see nearly instant results.

The Benefits: What Lymphatic Drainage Can Do For Your Skin

  • Lymphatic drainage creates a calm and clear complexion – If you struggle with stressed skin that often looks red, blotchy, discolored, uneven, or irritated, lymphatic drainage may help to improve these concerns by encouraging skin healing and repair.
  • Lymphatic drainage promotes youthful looking skin – Because activating the lymphatic system supports hydration and rejuvenation in the skin, it can be very effective for minimizing signs of aging, improving the skin’s tone, elasticity, texture, and overall radiance factor.
  • Lymphatic drainage reduces puffiness and creates a natural contouring effect – One of the most popular uses of lymphatic drainage is in facial sculpting, tightening, and lifting protocols. As these treatments flush away stagnant lymph and excess fluid, you may even notice that concerns such as swelling, dark circles, and puffy under eyes are diminished.
  • Lymphatic drainage can work to soothe and relax the entire body – One more exciting side effect of lymphatic drainage is that it can work wonders to promote deep relaxation and nervous system regulation. After just one session, fans of the technique often report sleeping better, and enjoying decreased stress levels. 

Microcurrent & Lymphatic Drainage 

Although it may sound complicated, accessing your lymphatic system is actually easy to do with the right tools and techniques. 

That is why we are excited to announce the release of our newest microcurrent device, the MyoLift™ Triwave, which offers lymphatic drainage for at home users! This device is just like our other at home device, the MyoLift™ Mini, except instead of two waveforms (Erase and Educate) it has a third, Rejuv. 

The Rejuv setting has a pumping waveform (sawtooth)  which helps stimulate the lymphatic system, helping the skin to detox and calm. It helps to clarify the skin and helps treat acne prone skin. This new device’s intensity level goes up to 400 microamps. 

To get the full experience of a professional grade facial at home that leaves your skin clarified, relaxed and lifted, start with the Rejuv waveform followed by Erase and Educate.  Watch a demonstration on how to use it here!