Meet 7E: Jennifer Ayers

April 08, 2020

Meet 7E: Jennifer Ayers | 7E Wellness

We are excited to continue our blog series "Meet 7E" this week, where we introduce you to the members of our team and how they support the overall mission of providing professional True Microcurrent™ technology and education.

In the last few years 7E Wellness has experienced powerful growth from products and clients to staffing. Despite this amplification, we want to make sure you always feel like you know who you're talking to and where you can find answers within our company.

Today we're sharing Educator and Trainer Jennifer Ayers's role in 7E Wellness and what brought her to our team.

Jennifer is a licensed Esthetician in San Diego, CA. She began taking care of her skin at an early age, after learning how harmful the sun rays really are. But it wasn’t until several years later that she had her first appointment with an Esthetician and received her first facial. From that point on, she knew she found a career path she felt passionate about. 

After obtaining her Sociology degree she transitioned from the non-profit event-planning world to acquiring her California Esthetician License. She has worked for Massage Envy, at wellness clinics, and as an Educator for several large companies. Jennifer has also enjoyed owning and operating her own business which focused on skincare and wellness.

She has joined the 7E Wellness family and has enjoyed learning and now educating others the benefits of True Microcurrent.

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April 17, 2020

Hi Tamara,

To get in touch with someone specific on our team, our recommendation is to call our office during regular business hours. Thank you!

tamara Yapp
tamara Yapp

April 17, 2020

Can I pay for a private consult with you!

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