Microcurrent Face Lift Education

Get to Know your Facial Muscles for the Best Microcurrent Results - 7E Wellness
Why do some people find it difficult to achieve results and others seem to experience more immediate and noticeable microcurrent results? If you find yourself asking this question, it’s time to put some focus into understanding what microcurrent technology is actually doing.
Safety Tip: Microcurrent Facials and Thyroid - 7E Wellness
To ensure your microcurrent facial treatments are performed with your safety in mind we want to highlight the importance of safe treatment with microcurrent for neck aging. Specifically, we want to highlight the importance of why we must avoid the Thyroid area to prevent adverse side effects from your anti aging treatments.
Top 6 Pieces of Advice for Great Skin - 7E Wellness
Even if you select one or two pieces of advice from this list your skin will thank you for it for years to come. Integrate all six tips into your routine and who knows, maybe you’ll defy aging all together!
Debunking Microcurrent Myths - 7E Wellness
Let's check out the top myths associated with this facial therapy treatment and get to the bottom of what you can expect from this technology.
Non-Surgical Face Lift Options - 7E Wellness
Surgical face lift procedures still have their place in the cosmetic industry, and likely always will. But for those looking for non-invasive, natural alternatives to improve sagging skin there are a few routes to consider!