Microcurrent and Hydrafacial: The Ultimate Healing Facial

Microcurrent and Hydrafacial: The Ultimate Healing Facial - 7E Wellness


In this blog article we are once again visiting the combination possibilities with Microcurrent. This skin care and facial modality is so versatile! And due to its non-invasive nature Microcurrent is capable of complimenting and enhancing most other modalities and treatments offered in esthetics. Alongside the popular rise in Microcurrent is the popular rise in Hydrafacial, an exfoliating alternative to traditional microdermabrasion. Many estheticians have already found effective ways to combine these two modalities, but if you are new to the concept we have provided insight below to help you make the most of these two powerful, natural skin care tools. 

What is Microcurrent

Microcurrent facials are one of the most popular non-invasive and non-surgical facelift or anti aging treatment methods. The results that make a Microcurrent facial so desirable are a nearly immediate natural lifting and toning appearance of the facial muscles and skin (with each treatment building on the results of the last for increasingly impressive anti aging results). In the past, results like this could only be achieved with surgical facelifts that required extensive downtime. Microcurrent facials work by applying conductive probes to different areas of the face which deliver a sub-sensory electrical current to the muscles underneath the skin. The process may not feel like much - aside from tingle sensations here and there - but the small current is enough to stimulate the muscles and kick-start processes like Elastin and Collagen production that tend to taper off as we age. Over time this treatment increases the strength of the facial muscles which helps them to better hold our natural, youthful facial form.

What is Hydrafacial

One of the most popular facials buzzing around town are Hydrafacials AKA hydrodermabrasion and / or wet microdermabrasion. Hydrafacials work by using water pressure, a textured tip and a suction feature to exfoliate and nourish the skin in one process (SkinCeuticals). Their extensive capability to deep-clean, exfoliate and hydrate the skin in addition to providing extractions is what makes the Hydrafacial such an effective tool in the treatment room and beyond. Furthermore, Hydrafacials can be customized per each client’s unique skin care goals and conditions using a targeted serum and their patented vortex-fusion delivery system. Because of this, with a skilled beauty professional Hydrafacials can be used to address all skin concerns like larger pores, acne, pigmentation and much more. With a treatment as quick as 30 minutes, this non-invasive treatment will leave your skin glowing in just 3 steps:


Uncover a new layer of skin with gentle exfoliation and relaxing resurfacing.


Remove debris from pores with painless suction. Nourish with intense moisturizers that quench skin.


Saturate the skin’s surface with antioxidants and peptides to maximize your glow.

What are the benefits of combining Microcurrent and Hydrafacial

By combining Microcurrent and Hydrafacials together, your client is getting an advanced skin treatment that will leave them with a beautiful glow and lifted, tightened skin. Using these two non-invasive facial treatments also makes it easy for those committed to natural skin care options to stay proactive in their skin health journey. The Hydrafacial works to remove dead skin and blackheads while delivering the clients selected targeted serum deep into the skin for hydration and smoother skin. Meanwhile, Microcurrent promotes ATP production which gives energy to the cells for collagen and elastin production and re-educates the facial muscles for youthful looking skin. Your client will see instant healing facial results in their skin with both treatments. 

Healing facial benefits of hydrafacial and microcurrent used together

How to combine a Microcurrent Facial and a Hydrafacial

Combining Microcurrent and hydrafacials treatments is a very easy process! You would first begin with your Hydrafacial treatment. Once you complete your hydrafacial treatment then you would move onward to perform Microcurrent afterwards. Our 7E educators recommend performing your Microcurrent treatment second since the Hydrafacial treatment will work to prepare and exfoliate the skin. With a fresh face your Microcurrent treatment is more effective in its product penetration capabilities, hydrating benefits and direct delivery to the facial muscles.

Who Benefits most from Combining Microcurrent and Hydrafacial

Since Hydrafacials and Microcurrent facials are both treatments that can be customized based on the client’s needs and concerns while still maintaining the integrity of a natural, non-invasive method to skin health everyone can benefit from combining these two modern facial technologies. Those looking for corrective or healing treatments that produce results like improving skin texture and appearance will especially benefit from these two modalities. More often than not (and depending on the severity of you or your clients skin concerns) results are noticeable after one treatment. However a series of treatments is always recommended for better, more cumulative results.

Are there Side Effects to a Microcurrent Treatment

There are a few mild side-effects or sensations that are helpful to be aware of before booking or offering a Microcurrent facial. The first is visual strobing sensations when the Microcurrent treatment is being performed around the eyes. The second is a taste of metal in the mouth when areas around the mouth receive Microcurrent treatment. While both these phenomena are completely normal, some clients do share that they create some uneasiness. If you or your client have a history of epilepsy or seizures you may want to consider a different option, lower the intensity of the device around the eye area or avoid eye treatments all together with Microcurrent devices. For a full list of medical conditions, or contraindications, that may not be suitable for Microcurrent therapy, click here.

There are also products that our educators recommend avoiding prior to your Microcurrent facial treatment. It is best to avoid using more aggressive anti aging products like Retinol in the days leading up to your Microcurrent facial. This is only because Microcurrent pushes product deeper into the skin, adverse reactions like redness and irritation can occur if more aggressive facial products like Retinol are pushed deeper into the skin with the product penetration effectiveness of Microcurrent. Furthermore, if you or your client are allergic to seaweed we recommend reading through ingredients in your skincare products, serums and conductivity gel used with Microcurrent as this can also lead to irritation, rash or redness. Microcurrent itself will not create rashes or irritation, so if you notice these reactions it is important to take a step back and look at the products that were used leading up to the Microcurrent treatment.

Some clients point out that their skin is flushed or had some redness immediately after their Microcurrent treatment. This is of no concern as it is typically due to increased blood circulation and usually subsides quickly! In fact, long-term and consistent Microcurrent facials should actually lead to reduced redness in the face and an overall evening of your natural skin tone. If redness does not subside shortly after your Microcurrent treatment, this may be a result of pressing a more aggressive skin care product deeper into the skin as mentioned above.

Are there Side Effects to a Hydrafacial Treatment

Hydrafacials are designed for all skin types and concerns and require zero downtime. If you are unsure about getting a treatment, we recommend contacting your dermatologist or physician before seeing a Hydrafacial provider. 





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