Real Story of a Microcurrent Eyelid Lift with Eva Larson

Real Story of a Microcurrent Eyelid Lift with Eva Larson - 7E Wellness

Eva Larson is an aesthetician and has been treating customers with microcurrent since 10 years. Here is a taste of her experiences and stories...

"Sagging eyelids is a common problem for many and using microcurrent therapy may be the answer to correct it. One of my clients, let’s call her Mrs. Smith, was really bothered with the way she looked. Her eyelids were sagging and since it also interfered with her eyesight she decided to give microcurrent therapy a chance. She had explored surgery but decided it was out of the question. Using the probes to lift the eyelids has been a successful treatment for many so that was what I suggested and Mrs. Smith decided to give it a try.

Microcurrent Eyelid Lift

We decided that twice weekly was going to be her schedule and after 9 weeks she was so happy with the result. I think Mrs. Smith actually reached her goal with excellent results after 6 weeks but since she was enjoying the treatment which was very relaxing and soothing, so she decided to continue for 9 weeks. During the treatments she noticed a side benefit, her eyesight was much clearer.  She was excited.  

 Many times when my clients come in for a specific treatment they tell me stories about other benefits and the improved eyesight is a common thing among the treatment for sagging eyelids. Mrs. Smith now comes in once a month for maintenance."