Microcurrent Therapy as Acne Treatment

Acne treatment with Microcurrent Facial


Microcurrent therapy is used in many more areas other than anti-aging. "Acne" is one of them.

Acne, according to allopathic medicine, is caused by either a bacteria or hormonal imbalances. Natural medicine believes it can have more causes than that, and one of them is gastrointestinal issues such as Candida Albican, which is an overgrowth of yeast.  

Microcurrent therapy helps eliminate bacteria, and other microbes, both topically and internally. But to be able to address the problem 100% the GI tract must be addressed as well, but more on that a little later. 

Before starting the treatment with the microcurrent machine, make sure the skin is completely clean, preferably using a steamer, and that all make-up and creams are removed.  Start with applying a liberal amount of conductive gel so the skin is not stretched during the session. This is very important. Never use microcurrent without conductive gel, ever. The current can be felt and of course the connection with the skin is not optimal. 

When using a microcurrent machine make sure to move very slowly over the area that is being treated, twice or three times weekly. If scarring is present, the micro current will make it less visible; in many cases eliminate it completely. 

As mentioned in the beginning, for the acne to disappear the gastrointestinal tract must be taken into consideration. A program to kill off the ‘bad bacteria’ must be completed. When that is done, add a pre- and probiotic and a perfect balance between the “good" and “bad” bacteria is obtained. There is always a certain percent of the “bad bacteria” present in the body but as long as the balance is kept in good order it is fine. The diet of course has to be taken into consideration as well. Eliminating all sugar and other sweeteners is a must. Please check labels, there is sugar in almost all foods. 

“Linda”, a teenager with rather severe acne on the cheeks and forehead tried antibiotics and topical medicine prescribed by the dermatologist. The skin became completely dry and flaky and was hurting and the stomach was severely upset. The acne on the other hand return immediately after the program was finished.  Linda decided to try the natural approach with the microcurrent machine and the acne cleared up completely after 4 months. The scarring is not completely gone but Linda is working on it by using the microcurrent machine and a special natural remedy.

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