Microcurrent Treatment Utilizing Probes AND Conductive Masks

Microcurrent Treatment Utilizing Probes AND Conductive Masks - 7E Wellness

Is it possible to perform a microcurrent treatment that includes both classic applicator probes and accessories like conductive eye and lip masks that direct the current to targeted areas of the face? And if so, what is the recommended protocol for providing that service?

Yes! You can absolutely offer a service to your client that provides both the versatility of classic applicator probes and the hand-free convenience of the 7E conductive masks.

Licensed Estheticians on our team at 7E recommend beginning the microcurrent facial treatment with your classic applicator probes (or cotton tip probes) first and finishing the facial with the eye mask, lip mask or do both with our new lead wire splitter accessory!  

A great protocol for this would be to:
Step 1: Cleanse
Step 2: Light Exfoliation
Step 3: RePlenish Hydrating Conductive Spritzer
Step 4: Apply Conductivity Gel
Step 5: Complete Microcurrent Treatment with Applicator Probes
Step 6: Wipe off excess conductive gel with a warm towel
Step 7: Apply a thin layer of ATP Booster Gel Mask OR apply a water based serum
Step 8: Use the Conductive Eye / Lip mask for 20 minutes (10 on Erase or Long / 10 on Educate or Short) Level 1 (or up to 300 microamps). Another option is to apply a sheet mask and complete the steps in Step 8. 
Step 9: Apply moisturizer to finish!

We hope this empowers you to take your True Microcurrent treatments to the next level!

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