Pinch & Hold VS Slide & Glide for Microcurrent

Pinch & Hold VS Slide & Glide for Microcurrent - 7E Wellness

There are many microcurrent devices on the market that have a single applicator or probe. And, of course, all claim to have excellent results! But if you're in the market for a professional microcurrent device for your aesthetics business it's important for you to ask the right questions. So, is there really a difference between having a single probe delivering the current vs two applicators? Absolutely!

Slide-n-Glide Microcurrent

Let's first look at single probe or two spheres with fixed distance between them. With this type of microcurrent device, the current flows from one sphere to the other, completing the circuit and delivering microcurrent on your face in a sliding upward motion. This technique of delivering microcurrent is called slide-n-glide technique.

slide and glide microcurrent devices for microcurrent facial treatments

With this technique, the microcurrent reaches the epidermis and, in some cases, the dermis (depending on the waveform) and works to boost the ATP levels of the skin tissue it talks to. This re-energizes the cells the device communicates with, typically seated closer to the surface of the skin. And it is an excellent way to keep up the ATP and hydration levels of the skin cells in between professional microcurrent treatments as a form of maintenance to uphold results from professional pinch-and-hold technique. You see, what you are not capable of doing with a slide-n-glide technique is working current deeper into the belly of the muscles to re-educate and either shorten or lengthen the muscles in different directions.


Pinch-n-Hold Microcurrent with Two Applicators

When your device uses two probes as a method of microcurrent delivery, you can hold one probe stationary while maneuvering the other probe to pinch-n-hold muscles and skin tissue in between the probes. This ability to manipulate and directly target the facial muscles is called pinch-n-hold technique. With this technique you unlock a wealth of skin health benefits and professional results.

pinch and hold microcurrent machine for best facial toning and lifting results

Pinch-n-Hold Microcurrent Benefits

a) There are 32 muscle groups on our face and neck which a microcurrent device can target and work on. All the muscles are in different directions and not all muscles need to be shortened. Using pinch-n-hold technique, you are able to isolate the muscles and work from the insertion and origin of the muscles, in the direction of the muscles.

b) Using pinch-n-hold technique you are able to grab the muscles in between the probes and deliver microcurrent to the belly of the muscles and all the skin cells in between to boost the ATP levels of both muscles as well as skin cells, leaving them energized.

c) By isolating a muscle group, you are opening a communication between the muscle and the Golgi Tendon Organ (GTO), which is a pathway to control the direction of the muscles. With two probes you are pinching and holding a muscle, delivering True Microcurrent and communicating with the GTO to either lengthen or shorten the muscles, according to need and use of the muscles as well as the waveform you are delivering. Here are some more details regarding the GTO:

• The Golgi Tendon Organ (or GTO) is a tendon found in the muscle tendinous junction.
• The purpose of this tendon is to sense tension in the muscles.
• As the muscle is contracted or stretched, the GTO sends a message to the brain and the brain sends a sub-sensory message to the belly of the muscle, via GTO to release the muscle tension.
• This tension causes the tightness of the muscles that are attached to the skin of the face. The result is wrinkles and fine lines on the skin.
• The Golgi Tendon Organ controls the length and tone of the muscle.
• Specific Waveforms talk to the muscles, penetrating them and telling the Golgi Tendon what needs to be repaired.

d) When you are lengthening a muscle, you will be stretching that muscle group. When you are pinching a muscle, it will shorten or tighten. To be able to work on the muscles and customize lifting and toning results you really want to have two probes. When a muscle group is re-educated it re-builds the muscle to be stronger, boosting the ATP levels and helping to maintain the desired muscle lift for longer.

professional results with true microcurrent pinch and hold probes

e) Pinch-n-hold technique also helps you to deliver a more direct dose of current around problem areas for an extra boost of energy. This enhances the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, bringing visible results.

Next time you're in the market for a professional microcurrent treatment, make sure you are getting the full benefits of a pinch-n-hold technique for more a powerful and effective treatment and results.