RePlenish Hydrating Spritzer: What exactly does it do?

RePlenish Hydrating Conductive Spritzer by 7E Wellness does exactly what the name suggests: it replenishes the depleted natural moisture and hydration content of the skin! RePlenish is formulated with a humectant called hyaluronic acid. Naturally produced in our dermis layer, it is a powerful tool in retaining moisture in the skin and sustaining its' longevity. 

In skin care treatments, various products are used on the skin. It is likely that you are influencing the skin's pH levels and shifting it away from its natural range of 4.5 - 5.5. By doing so, the skin becomes intentionally dehydrated through deep cleansing and exfoliation phase of the treatment. However, at the end of a treatment it is crucial to replenish moisture back into the skin and to re-establish the pH back to its hydrated and balanced range of 4.5 - 5.5. The RePlenish Hydrating Conductive Spritzer’s high humectant qualities acts as a magnet by attracting AND absorbing moisture from both the air and deep from within the dermis to hydrate all layers of the skin.

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draw more moisture to your skin

Breaking it Down:

Here's a great example of what a humectant such as hyaluronic acid does for the moisture and hydration levels in the skin: 

Let's say you dip a sponge in a bucket of water and set it on the pavement in the middle of the day in Phoenix, Arizona in the middle of July. When you come back an hour later, what will that sponge look like?

Dry. Brittle. Hard. Rough. 

Now, say you dip another sponge in a bucket of water and then dipped it into a bucket of hyaluronic acid. You take that sponge and set it on the pavement in the middle of the day in Phoenix, Arizona in the middle of July. When you come back an hour later what will that sponge look like?

Wet. Dewy. Soft. It will be dripping water!

Not only will this second sponge have retained its' original moisture content, it will have absorbed additional moisture from the outside resulting in a higher water content. 

dry sponge, dry skin example hyaluronic acid

So why do you need to know this?

Moisture is a conductor of electricity. When microcurrent facial lifting and toning treatments are performed on the skin, it is important that the skin is well hydrated to assist in the conductivity of the current. If the skin is dehydrated, there is no conductivity of the current into the skin - which defeats the purpose of a microcurrent facial!

RePlenish Hydrating Conductive Spritzer is formulated with pure hyaluronic acid to ensure a staple moisture content in and on the skin prior to any current application. 

Imagine what benefits this has for your clients' skin and the longevity of their glow after they leave your treatment room!


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