Spa Profile: Skincare by Shannon

Spa Profile: Skincare by Shannon - 7E Wellness

Welcome back to our series of Spa Profiles. Each month we will highlight a successful woman in the aesthetics and spa industry, diving deeper into the journey that got them to where they are today!

In today's blog, we chat with Shannon Bagford at Skincare by Shannon in West Palm Beach, Florida. Here is our exclusive interview with her. Enjoy!

7E: Thank you for letting us pick your brain, Shannon! Can you tell us a little bit about your business?

SB: My business name is Skincare by Shannon. I offer many services that are geared towards anti aging. Microcurrent has always been the forefront of my business and use it in many of my services. I got started back in 2002 when I worked at a medical office that started to do laser hair removal and some body treatments. A Jan Marini rep came in and that was the first professional product I had used, and I was hooked! After graduating with my BA in Marketing in 2008, I then went on to get my aesthetic license. I have been in business since 2015, and it was a long hard road of learning to get here.

 myolift microcurrent progress from skincare by shannon in florida

7E: It's always so fascinating how life carries us down the path that leads us to our passion! Can we ask what the biggest challenge was in starting your career?

SB: I would say Employers giving you a chance! No one wanted to use me as a esthetician. They always looked passed it and used me for my marketing degree, even when my passion was all things hands on skincare.


7E: Very relatable! It seems like your passion ultimately was given room to shine through, but I'm sure it took a lot of dedication and fight. What was the biggest challenge in running your business and obtaining a steady clientele? How did you overcome it?

SB: The biggest challenge is money and start up costs!! I was lucky when I started my business I rented in a busy hair salon with lots of foot traffic. So I hit the ground running. I also to this day don’t allow my self the option to fail. I also don’t worry about local competition.. because there is literally a skincare studio on ever half mile from me. You have to be a cheerleader for everyone and not look at people as competition. We all have a place so that’s what keeps me going.


7E: I absolutely love that attitude of setting aside competition and embracing the industry for all it's unique pieces. Now that you've been in the game for over a decade, what do you feel is the most rewarding part of your job? 

SB: People referring their friends.. people who tell me I am the best part of their week when they come see me. It’s beyond flattering and makes me feel good. Making people feel confident and good about their self is my favorite part of this job.

 skincare by shannon 7emyolift microcurrent review

7E: Word of mouth and words of affirmation for your craft make all the difference in the world! When it comes to adding new services and technology to your aesthetics business, how do you make your purchase decisions (such as the 7E MyoLift microcurrent machine)? 

SB: I do a lot of research!! Watch a lot of videos of the treatments being done. If the investment going to be a good fit for my business needs and the health of my clients skin.


7E: How has 7E MyoLift technology benefited your business?

SB: Oh it has been one of my favorite purchases to date! People are in awe on the difference it has made for their skin. And the instant gratification of lifted toned skin.


7E: Shannon, what are your top 3 tips for any person considering diving into the beauty and aesthetics industry today?

SB: Don’t let fear from stop you! Don’t buy gimmicks treatments or products. It takes 1-3 years to be successful and booked... so hustle hustle and tell anyone and everyone about what you do!


Shannon Bagford, LE
Skincare by Shannon

6007 South Dixie highway
West Palm beach, FL 33405
(386) 538-4652

We are humbled to work with determined, passionate and intelligent professionals and hope that this insight can give you guidance and clarity on your own journey through the beauty industry.
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