The Most Effective Treatments -Estheticians Viewpoint-

The Most Effective Treatments -Estheticians Viewpoint- - 7E Wellness


People have more information at their fingertips when it comes to skincare.  With all the videos and information on the internet, everyone is looking for that “one” thing that will make a difference.  What I see more often with clients is  dehydration.  When the skin is dehydrated the wrinkles are more pronounced, the skin can look dull.  We know that hydration comes from the amount of water we consume, but it also has a lot to do with lifestyle, (sun exposure, diet) and products we use.  I recommend clients get a good exfoliation of the dead skin layer that we are not able to sluff off as we age. Using scrubs can be too aggressive for some, but there are many exfoliants that are good and I would recommend you see a professional for the best treatment for your skin type. 

Serums are one of my favorite products because they are made with nano particles, which means they don’t sit on the surface of the skin but are made to penetrate deep into the skin. With so many different serums on the market you need to make sure to look at the ingredients, it’s important to know what you are infusing into the skin.

7E Wellness created an anti-aging serum that has hyaluronic acid, which helps to increase hydration, but also 2 types of peptides.  Copper peptides  which help to strengthen the skin, stimulate collagen production, regenerate elastin and tighten the skin and  poly peptides  which are the building blocks of protein. They tell the skin cells to produce more collagen and are needed to carry ingredients into the cellular level of the skin. 

When pairing a Myolift microcurrent treatment with a serum, you are driving the ingredients even deeper into the skin to lock in that hydration as well as giving a natural “lift” to the muscles of the face.  The best part is that everything is “non-invasive”. Myolift microcurrent is also increasing the ATP, (adenosine Triphosphate) in the skin.  This is the “energy” inside the skin cell that is responsible for that glow you see on the skin.  Younger skin has more ATP than aging skin.  You will notice as we age our skin will not reflect the light as well and this is because of the decrease of ATP.  When using Myolift microcurrent you are increasing this energy and you will notice the glow returns to the skin and microcurrent is also very healing and will help to heal or calm any redness or irritation.  


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