The Perception Of Aging In The Beauty Industry

The Perception Of Aging In The Beauty Industry - 7E Wellness


Aging… the term we’ve all heard but love to ignore. But what does it actually mean to age?  The term echoes throughout our social sectors of everyday life no matter what corner we turn. Whether it’s a tv commercial, social media ad, or our mothers, we’ve all heard that we need to be taking preventative measures to preserve our youthful beauty. Amongst the millions of present viewpoints concerning preventative measures for warding off visible lines and wrinkles, there is an underlying perception about the meaning of personal beauty and management of the human aging process.


Viewpoints as to what is considered “old” vs “young” are reflective of the society and geographical region in which one resides.  For instance, in North America, viewpoints have shifted as we move into a new era of stereotypes that have transformed since the 1950’s. Depending upon which country, state, and city we live in, beauty standards and trends are constantly changing. Referred to a socio-culturally defined body, many are creating modern perceptions and approaches about their appearance relying on what is now sanctioned through social media, fashion advertising, and social events.


Beauty is something we are born with, right?  While we are all beautiful and unique in our own way, preventative measures unfortunately do not come without a price tag. Whether natural or not, the plethora of anti-aging devices, creams, and surgeries all come with dollar signs at the end of them. The term “anti-aging” has become a genre attached to big business and billions of dollars each year. 6 In a recent book by Dana Berkowitz, Botox Nation, she shares that “we have labelled what we perceive as an anti-aging industry into a multibillion-dollar industry, that has designed and markets products to stall, prevent, or reverse aging.” The global facial injectable market was estimated at $13.4 billion in 2020 with expectations to reach $15.3 billion in 2021. 2 Who knew “beauty” could be so expensive? The choices available for individual aesthetic enhancements compared to 20-30 years ago have been amplified through not only cosmetic surgery and laser pathways, but with the inception of aesthetic medicine aimed at improving the physical appearance of scars, skin laxity, wrinkles, moles, cellulite, ect…. Among that mix is the use of injectables and fillers that provide a quick and temporary improvement to reducing the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles. Approximately 20% of people between ages 20-39  were recipients of Botox in 2019 (ASPS). Given the rise in that market, there are countless opportunities for licensed practitioners to expand their practices through offering effective, non-invasive microcurrent technology that further supports the health of the skin. Moreover, it is complimentary to injections and fillers as well as other aesthetic procedures. 



Beauty is not only physical but psychological as well… A recent social science commentary written by Sociology Professor, Kjerstin Gruys, Ph.D. states that there is a psychological concept called “the halo effect” that places strong ties to beauty. First impression, highly attractive people are presumed by others to have a variety of positive personality traits such as altruism, stability, and intelligence, compared to less attractive people as if an invisible “halo” were shining down upon the beautiful.” 5 The truth is,  beauty and appearance is not necessarily a predictor of overall happiness or life satisfaction and success. Rather, the predictor of accomplishment in life is how satisfied we are with the quality of our relationships and our knowledge of what it means to be alive and healthy



Opposite from botox and fillers, microcurrent helps restore the face from a non-invasive angle. It works to tone and lift the muscle while botox paralyzes it. It is pain free and is a holistic alternative that helps us age gracefully. You can use microcurrent as your primary treatment for aging up keep or you can pair it with botox as well. It is often used in conjunction with other procedures and is a great way to wean off of botox.  With so many options on the market and social pressure to keep up with beauty trends, it is often hard to know where you fit in. Our microcurrent technology not only compliments botox and other cosmetic procedures, but it is completely non-invasive and risk free when it comes to permanent results. Trends fade, but microcurrent will remain timeless. Whether you are pairing it with another procedure or using it as is, you can never go wrong with a quick and natural face lift from the comfort of your home. Look out for our next 2 part series blog where we dive deeper into how microcurrent compliments other beauty procedures.