Top 3 Benefits Of Adding Microcurrent To Your Skincare Routine

Top 3 Benefits Of Adding Microcurrent To Your Skincare Routine - 7E Wellness

 For getting professional level facial results at home, one of the best gadgets available to skincare connoisseurs is, without a doubt-microcurrent. If you have yet to add a little microcurrent magic to your skincare routine, you might be missing out. 

So what exactly is microcurrent and how does it work? Essentially microcurrent is a non-invasive facial toning technology. Microcurrent devices work by utilizing a low-level electrical current similar to the natural electric current that exists in our bodies in order to stimulate muscle memory, blood circulation, and lymphatic drainage (with the MD). This, in turn, produces a plethora of perks for the skin and muscles of the face. 

Still not convinced? Read on for a few more of the specific benefits.

Benefit #1 - Microcurrent is like a workout for your face

As we age, our skin and facial muscles become more and more susceptible to a loss of tightness and tone. While this process is completely natural due to the breakdown of collagen and elastin fibers, microcurrent can help. The technology works to reduce concerns like sagging skin and lack of firmness, by re-educating the muscles beneath the skin and creating a more lifted and sculpted appearance. As an added bonus, microcurrent is unlike going to the gym in that it is completely painless. 

Benefit #2 - Microcurrent provides serious youth boosting benefits

Besides just working to lift and tighten the skin, microcurrent can actually help reverse some of the effects of aging skin such as dullness, fine lines, and wrinkles. By encouraging blood flow to the skin, the low-level electrical current promotes more youthful skin performance–including increased collagen and elastin synthesis and healthy cellular turnover–to create a more supple, radiant complexion. It can even help to jumpstart a healing response, for better skin regeneration and rejuvenation. 

Benefit #3 - Microcurrent delivers both instant and long-term results

One of the incredible things about microcurrent is that it works almost instantly to start improving your skin. After just one session, you may notice that the skin looks temporarily brighter, tighter, and more contoured. This is thanks to the natural benefits of ATP (cellular energy) that is being produced by your microcurrent device.

However, the real magic of microcurrent starts to happen after using your device for a few weeks. With time and a consistent routine, the facial muscles develop muscle memory, meaning they will snap to attention faster and stay lifted longer. For optimal results, you will want to use your device daily for the first 6-8 weeks, and then you can maintain your routine using microcurrent just a handful of times per week.

Product Picks for Facial Toning at Home

  • MYOLIFT MINI MICROCURRENT MACHINE - Featuring 400 microamps of microcurrent in one compact device, the Mini machine has two applicator probes for targeting numerous common concerns and producing serious spa-level results.


  • MYOLIFT QT PLUS - For experiencing all the benefits of professional microcurrent at home, the QT Plus device features the same microamp levels of the Mini machine but in a smaller, precision device format that’s great to use on-the-go