When is it time to upgrade from 7E MyoLift Mini?

May 27, 2020

When is it time to upgrade from 7E MyoLift Mini? | 7E Wellness

Are you a 7E MyoLift Mini owner who has had their eye on a more advanced True Microcurrent machine? Back in the day, our customers only had two choices: MyoLift Mini at 400 microamps with two preset programs or MyoLift MD at 800 microamps with eight preset programs! Those intensity differences as well as the price point were a major jump for practitioners who were trying to familiarize with microcurrent.

Then, in 2019 we released MyoLift™ 600 and professional microcurrent users were presented with a phenomenal opportunity to take their lifting and toning treatments to the next level at a more affordable price point.

Many professionals who never placed their order for this upgraded and exclusive device oftentimes ask themselves, "When is it time to upgrade? What are the benefits of investing in the next device?"

MyoLift 600 upgrade for professional estheticians using microcurrent
1. It's important to first note that 7E encourages everyone to upgrade to MyoLift™ 600 or MyoLift™ MD if they are a licensed esthetician or cosmetologist. This is because these microcurrent machines were designed exclusively for aesthetics practicioners offering treatments to their clients in a professional setting.  Your clients' results will plateau at a certain point with the Mini as the intensity range only goes to 400 microamps. By having an upgraded microcurrent device in your treatment room, you can take their results further, keep them coming in longer to ensure the health of their skin, and maintain their results with a professional level device.
We are often asked if our advanced MyoLift™ 600 will be made available to consumers. We want to be clear that this will not happen. It has always been important to our mission that we provide well-educated aesthetics professionals with exclusive technology that will enhance their businesses. This ensures powerful facial lifting results are taking place in a safe and knowledgable environment.

StudioBlyss MyoLift 600 results2. Another benefit of having MyoLift™ 600 or MyoLift™ MD in your treatment room are that they provides faster, non-invasive facial lifting and toning results. We always encourage patience and consistency by promoting a series of microcurrent treatments to achieve maximum results. However, with devices designed for professional use, clients often notice significant lift and tone improvements earlier on in the process.

3. It's not uncommon for professionals to find that their client base has expanded since adding MyoLift to their toolkit. Think about it: do you have more clients now? More treatment rooms? Think about the benefits of having a 7E MyoLift device in each room. This could be hard right now since our industry has been hit so hard by the pandemic. However, it's important to keep in mind as we look forward to life after COVID-19!

accessories with myolift 600 microcurrent kit
4. The MyoLift 600 and MyoLift MD both come with more accessories and items that you can begin incorporating into your business. More gels options to target unique skin conditions and mask options to help treat trouble areas. These additional tools will help ensure a speedy return on your investment!

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June 02, 2020

Hello Caroline,
At this time we only ship to the following countries: United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. As we acquire more CE’s we will add more countries to the list.


June 02, 2020

Hello Lolin,
You can purchase MyoLift 600 through our website as long as you provide your license number at the time of purchase. If you prefer MyoLift MD, I encourage calling our team during regular business hours to discuss our financing option. Hope this helps!

Lolin Jones
Lolin Jones

June 02, 2020

I live & work in the UK – I am a mobile beautician – what do I need to do or send to buy myolift 600 or myolift MD ?
Thank you

De Castro Caroline
De Castro Caroline

June 02, 2020

Hi, How do i purchase and ship to Singapore? Any distributor?

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