Why Microcurrent Is The Perfect Mothers Day Gift

Why Microcurrent Is The Perfect Mothers Day Gift - 7E Wellness

Do you know a hardworking mom who deserves the gift of some more self care this Mother’s Day?

It’s hard to deny that few people work harder than a busy mom. Perhaps you have someone in mind who is forever giving freely of her precious time and energy, yet hesitates to spend money on herself, or take time for self care.

If so, the perfect present could be something that not only inspires her to treat herself more often, but also makes it easier than ever to do. Our suggestion? A microcurrent device for at-home skincare. Here are a few reasons why microcurrent makes an amazing gift for wonderful moms everywhere:

Microcurrent devices save valuable time and money.

These days, many women are turning to more and more invasive, and extensive procedures to look and feel their best. However, microcurrent can help replace the need for expensive services like Botox by delivering similar results at a fraction of the cost. She will love how effortless it is to achieve radiant, youthful skin, without having to break the bank or schedule regular maintenance appointments.

Makes self care accessible and available 24/7.

Although we all wish we could visit the spa on a monthly or even weekly basis, the fact is that it can be difficult for most people to sneak away from the responsibilities of everyday life. Another way an at-home tool can help is by providing a professional-level treatment any time she likes, from the comfort of home. With microcurrent, it is easier than ever to make time for her skin and self care.

They are a perfect solution for all ages and skin types.

With so many options available on the market for skincare, beauty, and wellness, it can be hard to know what will be appropriate for every skin type. However, another incredible thing about microcurrent is that it has benefits for just about everyone. It works to improve everything from dull skin to puffy under eyes, fine lines and wrinkles, so mom can address multiple common concerns in just a few minutes per day.

Super easy to use and enjoy.

One more thing any mother will appreciate is just how versatile and effortless an at-home microcurrent tool is to use. Most fans of the modality find it very calming and relaxing to sit down at the end of a long day and administer a quick pampering protocol. It can also be used as a brisk pick-me-up in the morning for contouring and sculpting before applying makeup.

Our Product Picks: MyoLift’s best devices for any mother

MyoLift QT™ Plus Microcurrent Facial Device - Portable enough to fit in your purse or overnight bag, the QT model makes an amazing on-the-go option and uses a special patented Smart Current technology for creating luminous skin and long-lasting results.

MyoLift™ Mini Microcurrent Device - For a top-level treatment just like you’d find in any professional spa setting, the Mini Device can be used at home daily to promote skin toning, collagen and elastin production, increased circulation to the skin, and other cumulative benefits for any complexion.

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