Your Right Hand For Personalized Skincare

Your Right Hand For Personalized Skincare - 7E Wellness

Let's assume that you are using a tested and season specific anti-aging cream and benefiting directly from it. There are no extraneous ingredients that might irritate your skin or weaken the effectiveness of your particular cream. What now? Better skin all the time and quicker results. Right?

A person's skin is unique to them. Gone are the days when everyone, regardless of their concerns, used to use the basic cleanser, serum, and moisturizer routine. Today's top dermatologists and skin care specialists all recommend personalized routines to meet the unique needs of your skin. While your friend's breakouts may have been brought on by oily skin, you may be experiencing them as a result of irritation. 

If you find yourself in a never-ending cycle of purchasing and trying products only to be disappointed, personalized skin care can help! Custom skin care brands reduce decision fatigue and the trial-and-error process, allowing you to find the perfect match more quickly. 

Tailored skin care can save you a lot of time and energy by simplifying product selection!


A Time & Energy Saving Suggestion:

To choose the right formulation, you need to know more than just your skin type. Your skin's quality is influenced by your diet, lifestyle, and environment. Finding the ideal products for your skin will be difficult if you don't take into account all of these factors. Data-driven, personalized skin care systems can be useful in this situation.

That's why microcurrent facial devices are at the top the list! Microcurrent delivers minor electrical currents that work to enhance a person's appearance by the lifting skin and stimulating the muscles. Our devices have different settings and allow for customization depending upon your skin concerns. It’s a cheap but fully effective at-home facial treatment that can provide you with that personal experience like you would find at a spa.


Personalized Just Got A Whole More Personal:

We are excited to announce the release of our new QT App, that will pair with the MyoLift QT Plus and give you an even more personalized experience! 

This app offers you a customized skin care regimen by gathering your information and digitally assessing your skin to best meet your complex needs. You will be provided with step by step video guides as well as have 1:1 access to estheticians who will help you create your own skincare routines. You will also have access to live Microcurrent training sessions and esthetician created protocols. This forward-thinking approach enables you to make smarter skin care decisions and achieve better results. 

There is a growing realization that skin care is an investment in your well-being, youth, and overall appearance. In today's fast-paced life, technology and custom skin care is a wonderful way to show selfcare. 


Join us November 16th during a special two part webinar hosted by our founder, Pooja Johari, to learn all about this new app! Register here.