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Lymphatic Drainage: The Benefits Behind The Trending Treatment - 7E Wellness

The lymphatic system plays a very important role in skin health and immunity. Acting as a detoxification system for the body, your lymph is what clears away toxins. Learn more about the benefits and how our newest device brings you lymphatic drainage!

12 Days Of Wellness - 7E Wellness
With everything going on it is easy to get burnt out over the holiday season. Which is why we have put together 12 easy tips on how to de-stress and show yourself self care during this busy time!
Your Right Hand For Personalized Skincare - 7E Wellness
There is nothing more important than finding a skincare regime that fits your own unique needs. That's why incorporating microcurrent is a perfect way to add customization into your daily routine!
Best Skincare Practices For Fall - 7E Wellness
Now that Fall is here, it is important to change up your routine to adapt to the colder weather. Here are a few of our favorite tips on what to add into your daily skincare regime!
Recover From Summer With This Routine! - 7E Wellness
With summer coming to an end, our skin shows that we have spent too much time in the sun and it needs some exfoliation as well as hydration! Here is a great protocol to get great hydrated, lifted glowing skin!
How Does Conductive Gel Activate The Current? - 7E Wellness
What is the importance of a conductive gel and why do we use them for microcurrent treatments? Understand the science behind the non-invasive technology and how conductive gels help to carry the electrical current!
7 Elements You Should Celebrate This Month - 7E Wellness

August is National Wellness Month and since we are a brand founded around the importance of wellness, we think this is the perfect time to touch on the 7 elements that encompass our mission.

The Perfect Pre Wedding Facial - 7E Wellness
Whether you are the bride or a guest attending a wedding, a quick microcurrent facial the day of is the perfect facial to get you lifted and glowing!
3 Ways Microcurrent Can Save Your Skin & Money - 7E Wellness
Inflation have you feeling like you may have to give up your favorite beauty rituals altogether? We’d like to provide a helpful solution! Read the 3 ways microcurrent can save your skin and money!
Sensitive Skin Meets Microcurrent - 7E Wellness
We have partnered up with HALE & HUSH  to bring you the best of both worlds! For the month of July we are bringing you a bundle that treats sensitive skin AND lifts it at the same time!