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Microcurrent Mask Batch

Hands-free microcurrent treatments targeting the fine lines and wrinkles around the forehead, eye and mouth areas is now easier than ever with the Microcurrent Mask Batch from 7E MyoLift. Our Conductive Mask line includes some of the most innovative ways of applying microcurrent to trouble areas on the face. Each mask has an adhesive backing that allows it to stick to your face for hands-free treatment. No conductive treatment gel needed! Just peel the mask off the plastic backing, apply to your face and hit run!

Each conductive microcurrent mask is reusable for 10-12 treatments or until the conductivity bar on your MyoLift device no longer stays solid.

The Microcurrent Mask Batch from 7E MyoLift includes one (1) Conductive Forehead Mask, one (1) Conductive Eye Mask and one (1) Conductive Lip Mask. You can purchase our MyoLift Lead Wire Splitter accessory to use two masks at the same time.

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