Are there any medical conditions when microcurrent should not be used?

Are there any medical conditions when microcurrent should not be used? - 7E Wellness

7E MyoLift True Microcurrent facial treatments have an impressive list of benefits and therapeutic effects. It's no wonder they have been growing in popularity over the years in the beauty industry. Oftentimes our clients are eager to get a microcurrent facial as often as possible to upkeep a youthful skin care routine! And while microcurrent technology does have a place in functional medical applications, there are also conditions under which microcurrent and its micro amps can create adverse effects to your body. Having said that, because 7E MyoLift™ is an FDA-Cleared technology, we take extra care to state contraindications. These are medical conditions where a microcurrent facial should not be used. Keep these clinical conditions and other circumstances in mind when consulting with your client or aesthetics professional, as they are considered contraindications of microcurrent 

medical conditions and microcurrent safety

Electrical implant devices such as a pacemaker.

This is because the electrical devices use an electrical current that keeps the devices working. Since 7E MyoLift™ also uses an electrical current, it can interfere with the electrical signal of a pacemaker or cochlear ear implant.

Epilepsy; history of seizures.

Because Epilepsy can be caused by abnormal electricity flow in neurons and cells of our bodies, we do not want to risk the safety of the individual by increasing the electrical current in the body with the application of 7E MyoLift™ microcurrent stimulation.

Active Cancer

If you have been diagnosed with an active form of cancer, it is not recommended you receive a microcurrent treatment. This is because Cancer affects the cells of the body, and one of the primary benefits and processes of 7E MyoLift True Microcurrent technology is its ability to boost Adenosine Triphosphate (or ATP) energy within the skin cells. Even though we are working locally on the face with microcurrent facial treatments, it is always better to be safe rather than sorry and take the extra precaution with these conditions by not using microcurrent under this condition.

For a better understanding of how microcurrent boosts cellular energy, we encourage you to read our blog explaining what ATP is by clicking here!



It is best to hold off on 7E MyoLift™ microcurrent treatments while pregnant as a precautionary measure. This is regulation across the board with many of the modalities used in aesthetics as the body has heightened sensitivity during pregnancy. If you are eager to schedule your microcurrent facial after the pregnancy, it is safe to receive a microcurrent facial while you are breastfeeding.


heart conditions and microcurrent safety

Heart Conditions (recommended to consult with physician)

If you have a heart condition, microcurrent should only be performed after consultation and approval by your physician. This is an FDA requirement.


Diabetes (recommended to consult with physician)

If you or your client have Diabetes, microcurrent should only be performed after consultation and approval by your physician. This is an FDA requirement.


Recent Facial Surgery

We recommend 7E MyoLift™ treatment prior to any invasive procedure like facial surgery - but it isn't recommended until healing from facial surgery is complete. This is best as to not disrupt the healing process of the surgery. Stay in touch with your doctor and make sure they clear you for a microcurrent treatment before scheduling this treatment post-op. At that point microcurrent facial treatments can be brought back into your skin care routine in tiny doses to avoid irritating the recently injured area of the skin.


fillers and botox, braces, piercings and microcurrent safety

What about Fillers, Metal Plates, Piercings, etc?

Oftentimes, people are under the impression that they should not receive microcurrent treatments if they have had fillers done in the past. Fortunately, fillers and microcurrent are not mutually exclusive. It is safe and effective to receive microcurrent treatments after having fillers done - just make sure to check out our previous blog post on this topic to understand the best way of going about it!

We also receive a lot of questions about the safety of using microcurrent facial technology on someone who has facial piercings, dental work or metal plates. Under these circumstances, microcurrent is still safe to use. In the case of facial piercings you may remove them for a more smooth facial or for peace of mind, but it is not necessary to do so.


Microcurrent technology is a phenomenal tool with a long list of benefits from anti-aging wrinkle and fine line reduction to lifting and toning of facial muscles. However, safety should always come first. It is important to keep an open dialogue with your esthetician and primary healthcare provider if you feel you fall under a clinical condition or medical condition that may disqualify you from microcurrent facial treatments. It is part of appropriate protocols for your esthetician to rule out and contraindications of microcurrent prior to scheduling and performing a microcurrent treatment. Some professionals may even require you sign a consent form prior to starting microcurrent facial treatments - in fact 7E MyoLift provides a consent form to its professional users (located in your customer support portal) to ensure appropriate safety protocols and precautions are followed.

MicroSculpt Device ensures safety, but adherence to guidelines is vital for optimal results and well-being