Comparing At-Home vs. Professional Treatments

Comparing At-Home vs. Professional Treatments - 7E Wellness

When navigating the many choices available on the market for skincare today, a question that comes up often is whether or not you need professional treatments to really reap the benefits of an advanced modality like microcurrent.

As your microcurrent experts, today we’re answering all your questions about devices in and out of the treatment room. Here’s what you need to know:

Q: What are the benefits of a professional or at-home microcurrent treatment?

A: Regardless of how you choose to get your microcurrent fix, you’ll be making an amazing investment in your skin. The technology is specially-designed to target a number of concerns and conditions by stimulating the facial muscles and promoting skin rejuvenation at the cellular level. A few of our favorite effects from microcurrent include:

  • Lifting, contouring, and sculpting for areas such as the chin, cheeks, jawline, and brows
  • Minimized fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improved skin tone and texture
  • Fewer acne breakouts 
  • An overall more bright and youthful complexion

Q: How does a professional microcurrent treatment compare to using an at-home device?

A: Answering the big question that’s on everyone’s mind, the advantage of receiving a microcurrent facial from a skin care professional has to do with the strength of the device, and specifically the wattage of microamps.

Because licensed estheticians and other beauty pros have access to the most advanced tools technology, they are able to administer treatment using devices that pack as much as double the microamp punch, translating to more dramatic results in a shorter amount of time. 

That said, you can still get great results from both types of devices. Understanding that microcurrent is a bit like a workout for your face, you might find it helpful to think of it in terms of working out with a personal trainer vs. going to the gym or working out at home between sessions. Both are beneficial and produce results, just at a different rate of intensity.

The Perfect Protocol: Professional Treatment + At-Home Microcurrent Care
Understanding everything we’ve already discussed, you might be wondering if there is benefit to combining both advanced and at-home care, and the answer is absolutely! 

The best outcomes from microcurrent are achieved with consistency, meaning at-home devices can be used to maintain results between facials with your skincare professional. Just a few quick treatments each week are all you need to greatly enhance the effects of microcurrent and keep your skin in peak condition.

For both beauty lovers and industry pros, we offer multiple options for making microcurrent a part of your practice. Our collection of devices includes:

  • Myolift MD – Our most advanced clinical device for professionals features a max intensity of 800 microamps, and can be used to design a wide variety of treatments with multiple waveform settings and preset programs.
  • Myolift 600 – For the professional setting, our 600 microamp device is perfect for treating aging skin, with targeted tools the eyes, lips, and forehead. It also pairs well with all of our conductive gels for the ultimate in customized client care.
  • Myolift Mini – Delivering a powerdose of 400 microamps, the Mini device can be used both at the spa or at home, to give the skin an instant boost. It comes with hands-on and hands-free attachments for quick and easy, yet high-effective care.
  • Myolift QT – You can take your microcurrent to-go with our portable, travel-friendly device. True to its name the QT is cute, compact, and convenient, but still gets spa-like results with every use.