3 Ways to Make the Most of a Bad Day

3 Ways to Make the Most of a Bad Day - 7E Wellness

Ever been in a bad mood you just can't shake? Sometimes a bad mood can completely take over our day to negatively effect our work, or relationships with others and most importantly our relationship with ourselves. We've all been there! But here are some strategies and techniques for getting through it and making the most out of it.

1. Own it.

how to get out of a bad mood

We've gotten to a place in society where we believe we should be happy and productive almost all the time. We take on more and more responsibilities and expect ourselves to handle it all with grace. But the reality is that we are more overloaded than ever! And it's okay to say "I'm having a bad day" or "I'm in a horrible mood today". Let's be honest, vocalizing your emotions is better than being passive aggressive toward a client! Admitting we're overwhelmed isn't a sign of weakness or carelessness -- it's human! And just gives you another way to connect with those around you.

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2. Positive Affirmations.

Positive affirmations

I don't know about you, but when I'm having a bad day my self-talk gets pretty damaging. I'll start to say something along the lines of "of course this is happening, I should have known better" and start spiraling downward. One way I've learned to buffer this vicious cycle is by pausing to list off a few positive affirmations when the negative self-talk gets too loud. And I won't lie it feels pretty silly at first, like I'm trying to be Dr. Phil. Despite the silliness of it, this practice has helped bad days from going down a path of no return! Talk to yourself like you would your best friend in those moments. Try some of these out...

  • I'm absolutely strong enough to handle this. It's not ideal, but I'll get through it!
  • Breathe! It's not as bad as you're telling yourself it is.
  • Take a 5 minute break! There's no need to get overwhelmed over this. You could use a healthy snack, anyway.

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3. Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercise for happiness

Breathing patterns can also be a key to enhancing our mood. In yoga and meditation, focus on breath is where a lot of power is generated and we can create a similar empowering effect by taking a moment out of a bad day to re-center and focus our breathing. The internet is full of information and advice on breathing techniques for boosting your mood but one of the most common methods is alternate nostril breaths. 

"To do the full exercise:

    1. Sit up tall and, using your right thumb, block your right nostril. Inhale slowly and deeply 
through your left nostril.
    2. Close both nostrils using your right thumb and index finger and hold your breath for a few seconds or for as long as comfortable.
    3. Open your right nostril, keeping your left nostril closed with your index finger, and exhale slowly and fully.
    4. Inhale through your right nostril slowly and deeply.
    5. Close both nostrils and hold your breath for as long as comfortable.
    6. Open your left nostril, keeping your right nostril closed with your thumb, and exhale slowly. 
This is one round.
    7. Practice 3-5 rounds. If holding the breath is too difficult for the children, skip stages 2 and 5."

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mood boost

If none of these mood boosting hacks seem to help, just remember that this too shall pass. Bad moods and bad days help us appreciate the good in our lives, so hang in there!