Cotton Tip Microcurrent Probes from 7E Wellness

Cotton Tip Microcurrent Probes from 7E Wellness - 7E Wellness

In the beginning, Microcurrent devices utilized a cotton tip probe to deliver the current into the skin. It wasn’t until the second coming of microcurrent (mid 1990’s) in the clinical arena of our industry that the devices and probes were upgraded to a variation of metal tips. This time around it was believed that the best method of delivering this current into the skin and muscles was with some type of metal. Plus, it added a clinical look. So metal style tip probes became the popular choice. As time passed, (20 years plus), the traditional cotton tip probes made its way back into the spotlight.

The wait is finally over for the debut of 7E Wellness Cotton Tip Probes! 

With focused research and testing, 7E has developed a Cotton Tip probe that is specific to the MyoLift™ devices only and is compatible for all three. With a clean and sleek design, the double ended probes continue to deliver a precise and defined point of contact on the skin as successfully as our Brass Alloy Ball tip probes. 

cotton tip probes for myolift

The decision for the addition of a Cotton Tip probe was based on the demand by the professional aesthetician. Both the MyoLift™ Brass Alloy Ball Tip probes and the MyoLift™ Cotton Tip probes have endless benefits separately and combined. As with both styles of the MyoLift™ probes, the key focus is that the two probes communicate with each other to deliver precise current to the area via conductivity gel or an aqueous solution. While using the pinch and hold technique, you’re assured that the probe communication is taking place. The movements for the Cotton Tip probes remain the same as the Ball Tip probes and professionals find it is ideal to have both in the treatment room. If you are a MyoLift™ owner, you can refer to the Quick Reference Guide in your customer support portal for more guidance. 

Because both probe types are effective in delivering True Microcurrent to the skin and muscles, the choice is yours!

How they Compare

cotton tip probes or ball probes for myolift microcurrent

MyoLift™ Cotton Tip Probes MyoLift™ Ball Tip Probes
100% success rate of conductivity
100% success rate of conductivity
Cotton tip must be paper (do not use wood or plastic cotton tips) Constructed with Brass Alloy Ball material (no nickel)
Used for decades with Microcurrent Standard usage with Microcurrent
Uses a humectant aqueous solution or water Uses a thin layer of Conductivity Gel
Must be kept moist with aqueous solution Do not need to be kept moist
Provides smooth slip over the skin
Provides smooth slip over the skin
Cotton tips are replaced and disposable for single use Tips can be disinfected for multiple usage
Tip size is smaller for pin-point areas using pinch and hold Tip size is larger for larger areas on the skin and neck
Sensation of a stronger current, therefore less intensity is needed Sensation of a gentle current is felt




  • Fits any brand of cotton tips with paper stem
  • Single-use cotton tips
  • Less conductive gel required
  • Pinpoint Pinch-and-Hold capabilities

If you'd like to purchase your own set of Cotton Tip Probes today, you can do so by visiting our online store or by calling our team at +1 (858) 657-9226