Microcurrent: Why do I taste metal?

Microcurrent: Why do I taste metal? - 7E Wellness

Two of the most common phenomena experienced during a microcurrent facial are the taste of metal in the mouth when the treatment is performed in this area and visual flashing or strobing when the treatment is performed around the eyes. If you aren't aware of these phenomena it might bring up some concerns, but rest assured that both are entirely normal experiences for a microcurrent treatment.

Let's talk about why these two sensations occur.

Why do I taste metal during a microcurrent facial?

When targeting the facial muscles around the mouth you experience the taste of metal. This metallic taste is due to the current coming from the microcurrent probes and flowing to where our taste receptors are in the mouth. Remember, microcurrent is strong enough to engage the muscles beneath the skin - which is its biggest benefit! If it can reach through the skin to the facial muscles, it's no wonder it can reach through the skin to the taste receptors of your mouth when localizing treatment to that area.

The biggest concern clients want to know is if this interferes or interacts with any dental work. It should relieve you to know that the metallic taste has nothing to do with dental work. It is simply the taste of current. If the metallic taste persists you can rinse you mouth with water and it will go away.

Why do I see flashes or strobing during a microcurrent facial?

When targeting the fine lines and muscles around the eyes you may experience visual flashing or strobing. This strobing happens in the ocular area because the ocular nerve can sense the flow of the current going into the skin and muscles. We are pushing and directing the current into the skin and this current is a waveform. 

Experiencing something we didn't address here?

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