Case Study: Microcurrent Technology for Scar Reduction

Case Study: Microcurrent Technology for Scar Reduction - 7E Wellness
Scar reduction with microcurrent treatment

Microcurrent therapy for scar treatment 


Eva Larson, an aesthetician, and owner of 7E MyoLift technology was kind enough to share this story with us about microcurrent therapy for treating scarred skin. Check it out!

“It is melanoma and your surgery is scheduled to be done in three days.” Those are words nobody wants to hear but my friend “Bea” heard them. The surgery took several hours because the melanoma was all the way to the bone, very deep and painful.

To her sadness, Bea came out of the surgery with a terrible scar on her left cheek stretching about  2 inches almost from the nose to the jawline. I was horrified to see what a terrible job the surgeon had done.  A long row of big welts covering her cheek.  

To my excitement and delight, Bea decided to work on her scar with me, getting 7E MyoLift therapy. I worked on it for 30 minutes in the first session. After the session she could feel a softness to the scar that she didn’t feel before and needless to say, Bea was excited. Right on the spot, she bought 10 sessions and we set up a series of appointments.

It has now been 7 sessions and little by little her scar gets less visible and in certain spots, the welt is totally gone. I am confident that one day Bea will be able to have the mirror show her a face totally free from any scarring.

The microcurrent treatment works wonderfully on stretch marks as well, which is very common after having a baby.  Bee moisturizer, topical vitamin C, limonene essential oil, vitamin E mixed tocopherol oil and zinc will help speed up the healing of any scarring tremendously.