New Anti-Aging Trend: Face Yoga

May 21, 2019

New Anti-Aging Trend: Face Yoga | 7E Wellness

Remember when you were a kid and would squish your face together or pull it into crazy positions to make your friends or siblings laugh? Mom would always say "don't make that face or it'll get stuck that way!".

Now you can pay someone to do it for you as an anti-aging treatment! ...Okay so maybe it's a little more technical than that. 

We love seeing new trends in anti-aging treatments; the creativity behind practices and technology really shows how far we will go to hold onto our youthful look for as long as possible.

The trend we've been really impressed with (& gotten a good giggle at) lately is Facialates and Face Yoga!

What are Face Yoga and Facialates?

The first time we heard about this trend was after stumbling across Fumiko Takatsu's Instagram, @faceyogawithkoko -- the creator of Face Yoga. Featured on Good Morning America and on Netflix series Magic for Humans, face yoga is believed to provide anti-aging benefits with the same theory behind microcurrent: our face is composed of muscle and when we work that muscle, we will have more definition and lifting!



In the same family as Face Yoga, explains Facialates as "a massage technique meant to activate muscles and sculpt and tone your face." Facialates treatments can be added to your menu of services and performed with a special blend of enzymes, peptides, and anti-aging serums to stimulate collagen and elastin (


So... Does it Work?

I think the most important thing to point out, as with any new fitness regimine (😉) is that when it comes to natural beauty and health, results take time. My initial thought was, "Wouldn't this encourage more fine lines and wrinkles? Stretching your skin out can't possibly be a good thing!"

But the first scientific results on this subject coming from a study by Northwestern Medicine suggests that YES! When practiced consistently over a 20-week study, middle-aged women did see desired results with fuller upper and lower cheeks (Northwestern Medicine, 2018).

Personally, I can't wait to see more studies and results from Face Yoga and Facialates in the near future. If you're saving up to invest in a professional microcurrent machine like MyoLift MD or for seeing your esty for a professional microcurrent facial, using this alternative might be a fun way to get a head start on your results!


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