The Difference between MyoLift QT and MyoLift Mini

The Difference between MyoLift QT and MyoLift Mini - 7E Wellness

In 2021, 7E MyoLift™ launched sales of a brand new handheld microcurrent device with Smart Current™ technology called MyoLift™ QT. The handheld microcurrent option offered a new approach to at-home anti aging facials with advanced customization capabilities and an array of attachments to create skincare regimens tailored to unique skin concerns for the users. Following the release of MyoLift™ QT came questions as to how this new handheld device compared to the 7E MyoLift™ Mini. MyoLift™ Mini was the first microcurrent machine from 7E Wellness made available for unlicensed skin care enthusiasts in pursuit of advanced skin care from home. While the two at-home options for microcurrent facials are comparable, their differences may make a big difference in how well this modality fits into your skin health routine.

What is MyoLift™ Mini

The 7E Wellness device, MyoLift™ Mini, is a clinically proven and FDA-cleared clinically True Microcurrent™ device originally designed for professionals across the beauty and esthetics industry. You may know by now that over the last few years MyoLift™ Mini was made available to the larger public of skincare enthusiasts and those dedicated to at-home facials. This portable and affordable device uses True Microcurrent™ technology. True Microcurrent™ technology by

MyoLift Mini vs MyoLift QT differences

7E Wellness uses two separated probes to pinch and hold facial muscles. This technique powerfully targets the belly of facial muscles, stimulating them to re-educate to their youthful tautness in as little as 30-minute sessions over an introductory period of six to twelve weeks. MyoLift™ Mini from 7E Wellness has been described as the best microcurrent therapy machine for estheticians looking to add more to their menu of services with microcurrent. Although it was originally introduced for the professional aesthetician market, the MyoLift™ Mini facial machine is easier to use than other advanced microcurrent devices, making it a powerful tool to have at home for touch-ups in between professional facial treatments to maintain natural anti aging results. While it started off as one of the best microcurrent therapy machines for esthetics professionals to use in their spa or salon, MyoLift™ Mini is also available to skincare enthusiasts and general consumers for at-home facial lifting and toning treatments. MyoLift™ Mini is our only tabletop True Microcurrent™ device available for purchase without a professional esthetics license. 

What is MyoLift™ QT

7E MyoLift began development of MyoLift™ QT after studying the ever increasing demand for a more simple and more powerful handheld microcurrent device for at-home use. Once we made MyoLift™ Mini available for unlicensed use, our customers began to wonder when 7E Wellness would create a handheld microcurrent machine. Until now, popular handheld microcurrent technologies from companies like NuFace and ZIIP offered some solutions but even so, questions among the general public began to arise wondering if these devices were actually conducting, stimulating the muscles with enough microamps, and if they were actually considered “micocurrent technology”. At the same time we noticed our new consumer and home-use customers experiencing a sense of overwhelm when it came to maneuvering specific dual-probe movements taught with our MyoLift™ Mini. The Mini is, of course, an advanced device originally created with professionals in mind, so this learning curve for the technology was to be expected.

MyoLift QT vs MyoLift Mini

With these pieces of information in mind the 7E product development team began to design a handheld microcurrent machine for home users that would change the game! We dreamed up a handheld microcurrent device for home users with easier to use than our other MyoLift devices (and easier than handheld microcurrent devices in the industry). The device had to be reliable, offer more transparency and a deeper delivery of current. MyoLift™ QT had to provide faster, more effective treatments and ultimately give users more confidence in their at-home microcurrent facial treatments.

MyoLift™ QT is the first device in our product line designed exclusively with the home user in mind. MyoLift™ QT is intended to be the solution for busy parents,

business people or entrepreneurs who are ready to pursue healthier, younger skin but don’t necessarily have the extra time to do longer microcurrent facial treatments (let alone learn the ins and outs of a more advanced microcurrent device like MyoLift™ Mini). At 7E, our mission is to provide microcurrent skincare solutions to everyone - beginners, professionals, business leaders and household leaders. With MyoLift QT we believe we have the solution for a wider demographic of individuals pursuing skin health!

What are the similarities between MyoLift™ Mini and MyoLift™ QT?

The most notable similarity we want to point out right away is that both MyoLift™ Mini and MyoLift™ QT have a maximum intensity level of 400 microamps. This means they are equal in terms of strength. Both devices deliver pure microcurrent. As we have stated in the past, 7E MyoLift prides itself on being a leader in microcurrent technology, which means you know what you get with each treatment. MyoLift is not galvanic current, it is not radio frequency, it is not ultrasound -- MyoLift technology delivers pure microcurrent, everytime.

Both MyoLift™ Mini and MyoLift™ QT offer customizable treatments that allow you to adjust the intensity level (ranging between 175 microamps and 400 microamps) and waveform type (allowing you to appropriately stretch muscles that are tight and lift muscles that are laxed). Furthermore, both devices include a conductivity bar that helps you confirm that you are receiving conductivity from your device. On MyoLift™ Mini, the conductivity bar with flash if you are not receiving conduction and it will stay solid if you are receiving conduction. On the MyoLift™ QT your smartphone app will reflect a green bar is you are receiving conduction and a red bar if you are not receiving conduction. This is one of our customer’s favorite features in MyoLift™ devices. 

Finally, both your MyoLift™ Mini and MyoLift™ QT have lead wires which allow you to utilize accessories and attachments with your device like our Conductive Mask products and Conductive Gloves for even more customization of at-home microcurrent facial treatments.

What are the biggest differences between MyoLift™ Mini and MyoLift™ QT?

True Microcurrent™ vs Smart Current™: To this point all our MyoLift™ devices including MyoLift™ Mini have utilized True Microcurrent™, which we define as a microcurrent device utilizing two serparate probes to literally Pinch and Hold facial muscles. A device that is considered True Microcurrent™ has an output of less than 1000 microamps and delivers microcurrent to the facial muscles in a sub-sensory manner, meaning that the sensation is strong enough to re-educate the muscles in the face but not strong enough to create uncomfortable twitching or contraction of the muscles. Devices strong enough to create twitching or contraction of facial muscles are depleting the Adenosine Triphosphate (or ATP) in the skin cells and can prevent maximum lifting and brightening results. With
Smart Current Technology
MyoLift™ QT, we launched our new Smart Current™ technology. Smart Current™ Technology is what separates MyoLift™ QT from other handheld microcurrent devices on the market as it allows for customization in a handheld microcurrent machine experience. Smart Current™ gives the user a more clear understanding of what their device does during the facial treatment. This technology helps users actually visualize conductivity, adjust microcurrent intensity to their skin’s needs and customizes their facial treatment based on their skin condition, problem area(s), and sensitivity as they progress their skin health experience. Smart Current™ technology offers deeper, better, faster, easier and safer delivery of microcurrent than other handheld microcurrent machines in the at-home skincare industry.
So, if you can’t use the Pinch-and-Hold technique with MyoLift™ QT, is it still considered a “True Microcurrent™” device? Technically, no - not on its own! This is why we developed and released Smart Current™ technology. However, because our Conductive Glove accessory can be connected to your MyoLift™ QT device, you can still turn MyoLift™ QT into a True Microcurrent™ option if you are eager to get the most out of advanced Pinch-and-Hold movements.
Standalone vs App-Based: Another distinct difference between these two devices is that MyoLift™ Mini is a standalone device whereas MyoLift™ QT requires a smartphone and the complimenting MyoLift™ QT app to use. In other words, MyoLift™ Mini has customization available on the device itself and MyoLift™ QT communicates with a smartphone app for treatment options and customization. This may make MyoLift™ Mini a more desirable option for those customers who are less tech-savy, but makes MyoLift™ QT a better option for those on-the-go and looking for modern solutions in their skin health routine.
One vs Two Probes: As mentioned above, technically MyoLift™ QT isn’t considered True Microcurrent™ on its own because it does not use two separate probes to perform Pinch-and-Hold Movements. In order for MyoLift™ QT to be a handheld option, we simplified the design to a single-probe device. This simplification led to easier treatment movements that can be performed with one hand. MyoLift™ Mini allows for more advanced movements because it upholds the traditional MyoLift™ device design of two separated probes that can be moved toward or away from one another for longer, more intricate facial movements. While the dual probes offer more targeted treatment, they can be daunting for beginners to microcurrent.
Cotton Tip Probes cannot be used with MyoLift™ QT: Although most accessories can be connected to MyoLift™ QT, it is important to note that neither traditional, separated Dual Metal Ball Probes nor Cotton Tip probes can be connected to MyoLift™ QT. The only way to achieve classic Pinch-and-Hold movements with MyoLift™ QT is to connect the Conductive Gloves.

Which at-home microcurrent device will give me better or faster results?

This is the most common question we receive from our audience, and believe it or not results achieved with MyoLift™ QT will be comparable to those achieved with MyoLift™ Mini. You should still plan to incorporate cumulative or consistent treatments into your skincare routine to reap maximum results. You can still anticipate the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, evened skin tone and a better absorption of serums and other products by your skin as both microcurrent devices will drive product deeper into the skin.

myolift qt results

If your primary goal is lifting of facial muscles, you may prefer MyoLift™ Mini because of its dedicated Pinch-and-Hold movements driving microcurrent directly to the belly of facial muscles. MyoLift™ QT still achieves notable lifting effects with its metal probes, however MyoLift™ Mini may be a more assertive approach to this skin concern.

Having said that, as stated previously you can still perform Pinch-and-Hold movements with the Conductive Glove attachment with MyoLift™ QT for a more direct approach to lifting results if they are regularly used in your microcurrent routine.

Which at-home microcurrent device is right for me?

The good news is, both MyoLift™ QT and MyoLift™ Mini will lead to noticeable lifting and skin health benefits when used consistently. Which microcurrent device is right for you really comes down to personal preference. Ask yourself the following questions to help identify which options is best for you:

 MyoLift™ Mini MyoLift™ QT
Corded Cordless
Pinch-and-Hold, Two-Hand Movements Slide-and-Glide, Single-Hand Movements
Tabletop Portable
Standalone Device Techn-Savy, Mobile Functionality
Longer, Targeted Treatments Quick, Pre-Set Treatments


Based on some of those answers, you will be able to choose the best at-home microcurrent facial device for your needs. If you are on-the-go and want something that fits that lifestyle, MyoLift™ QT is a perfect solution. Having said that, MyoLift™ Mini is small and light enough to work as a portable-friendly option as well. If you find yourself struggling with the learning curve of newer, app-based technology, MyoLift™ Mini is a traditional skincare gadget that doesn’t require anything outside of itself to function. Have you tried MyoLift™ Mini and felt clumsy and frustrated navigating the movements of dual probes? MyoLift™ QT will simplify your treatment for ease of use. If your primary goal with microcurrent technology is a pronounced lift of facial muscles, MyoLift™ Mini may  be a better option as it allows consistent Pinch-and-Hold delivery of current to the muscles with each use. MyoLift™ QT may be a better option for those with preventative skincare goals and more focus on reduction of fine lines, improved skin glow or even skin tone.

If you’re familiar with our traditional True Microcurrent™ MyoLift™ devices like MyoLift™ Mini, it goes without saying that MyoLift™ QT is going to be a different experience from our other MyoLift products since it is a handheld, simplistic approach to our professional technology. If you still feel lost you can always give our team a call at 1.888.412.3160 and allow our educators to guide you to the best microcurrent machine for you!