Troubleshooting with Cotton Tip Probes

Troubleshooting with Cotton Tip Probes - 7E Wellness

In March, 7E Wellness announced the addition of Cotton Tip Probes to our accessory line. With a clean and sleek design, the double ended probes continue to deliver a precise and defined point of contact on the skin as successfully as our Brass Alloy Ball tip probes. As popularity for this item increased, we received feedback that many of our clients experience difficulty when trying to achieve and maintain conductivity with our Cotton Tip Probes.

In an effort to help support our clients, our educators teamed up and identified the following troubleshooting items to help with the transition from Brass Alloy Ball tip probes to Cotton Tip Probes with MyoLift™ Mini or 600.

Cut the Cotton Tips Short

The first troubleshooting item is to cut your cotton tips short. Cut the cotton tips about 1/4 to 1/2 inch.

Soak the Cotton Tips

The next troubleshooting item is to soak the cotton tips in solution to get the whole tip and stem saturated. The best solutions are either water, hyaluronic acid, or a combination of a hyaluronic acid (we recommend RePlenish Hydrating Conductive Spritzer) and water. Inserting the cotton tips into the probes at that point should give you conductivity. 

Experiment: Generic vs Q-Tip Brand

It may take some trial and error to find the right size cotton tip for your probes. Some find that the Q-Tip brand cotton tips might be too large. However, generic brands seem to have a thinner shaft to them and may fit better with your probes. 

Additional Reminders

  • Cotton tip must be paper. Do not use wood or plastic cotton tips.
  • Use a humectant aqueous solution or water. The cotton tips must be kept moist with aqueous solution.
  • After each use, cotton tips should be replaced with new ones.


By exploring these troubleshooting items, you should find techniques that help you achieve and maintain strong conductivity. If you explore all these options and still find you have a difficult time achieving and maintaining conductivity, contact our educators at 1.888.412.3160 for assistance.