We've Partnered up with The Organic Esthetician!

June 04, 2019

We've Partnered up with The Organic Esthetician! | 7E Wellness

We are really diving into to our mission to expand the impact of microcurrent therapy by partnering with influencers in the skincare and aesthetics industry. With that being said we are delighted to announce our partnership with Katie Sobelman, also known as The Organic Esthetician!

We decided it would be fun to interview Katie and let her introduce herself and her mission to you all. Make sure to watch Katie's MyoLift Mini Microcurrent Demo at the bottom of this post!

Organic Esthetician and 7E Wellness microcurrent partnership influencer


7E: Okay Katie, go ahead and introduce yourself and how you came to brand yourself as “The Organic Esthetician”!

KS: I’ve spent my whole career focusing on holistic skincare, I’ve been licensed here in California since 2010. I went to school at an Aveda Institute, then worked under a Dr. Hauschka trainer where I learned how to integrate skincare and lifestyle, then spent many years in a high volume luxury spa honing my skills. I wanted to create a brand that represented all the knowledge I’ve acquired over these years and The Organic Esthetician seemed like a straightforward way to quickly explain who I am.

7E: What goals do you hope to achieve with your platform as The Organic Esthetician?

: I hope to help educate everyday consumers on how to properly care for their skin, taking away some of the confusion and demystifying their skincare routine, while also imparting the benefits of using clean and organic products. I focus a lot on anti-aging or, rather, aging gracefully. A healthy skincare routine is more than just what you put on your skin but what you put in your body and how you live your life as well.organic esthetician before and after microcurrent for estheticians facial lifting treatment

: How long have you been passionate about the aesthetics industry?

: Since grade school, I've always been interested in skincare and makeup. Once I was licensed, my interest grew and hasn't stopped. What's so wonderful about this industry is that there's always something new to learn or new technology to incorporate into your treatments. I feel really lucky to be able to work daily in an industry I'm so passionate about and even more so that I get to share that with others.

: How did you learn about 7E Wellness and what led you to pursue a partnership with us?

: I was doing research on microcurrent devices and 7E Wellness kept coming up. Mostly, I was seeing the same machine in the background of pictures on instagram and had to find out what it was. 
After 8 years of using the nuface, I was looking for a professional multi-wave form device that was FDA cleared for home use. It needed to give strong enough results in the treatment room but I also wanted to be able to share it with my YouTube subscribers to use at home. The MyoLift Mini checked all these boxes and then some. I think the feature that really sets this device apart is the conductivity bar. I can't tell you how many people complain about not being sure if their microcurrent device is working correctly. This feature really takes the guess work out of your at-home treatments.before and after myolift microcurrent facial treatment

: How do you feel MyoLift and other 7E products support your mission as The Organic Esthetician?

: My mission as The Organic Esthetician is to promote clean and organic skincare that works to preserve the health of your skin so you can age gracefully.  The MyoLift is a fantastic tool to enhance the quality of your skincare routine and the overall quality of your skin, from your mitochondria to your muscles. It improves product penetration, it increases cellular energy, boosts collagen production, smoothes wrinkles, lifts and firms the face, kills bacteria and promotes natural healing, all while enhancing the health of the skin. 

7E: What kind of content do you have planned for your followers when it comes to MyoLift?

KS: I'll be posting a lot of how-to videos showing full demonstrations on the Myolift Mini and its accessories, in addition to educational videos about microcurrent and the aging process. My goal is to make integrating microcurrent into your weekly skincare routine easy and approachable.
before and after 7e myolift microcurrent facial lifting treatment

: Since using 7E products, what has been the most significant benefit you have noticed?

KS: I've notice improvement in my own skin's overall tone and texture, a smoother forehead and a more lifted and contoured face. I've also been using the Myolift on clients and been seeing amazing results even after a single facial. Make sure to check out the before and afters I've posted on instagram.

7E: For those interested in following your journey and supporting what you are doing, what are the best places for people to follow along?

KS: My website is the easiest place to find all my content in one place, www.theorganicesthetician.com. It links to my YouTube Channel, Instagram, and blog posts, plus it has a curated shop of all my favorite organic skincare, devices and supplements.

the organic esthetician instagram before and after

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