Pooja's Corner | What is Microcurrent (Part 1)

Pooja's Corner | What is Microcurrent (Part 1) - 7E Wellness

Welcome back to Pooja’s Corner; Educational Aesthetics Blog for the  professional. Over the next two weeks I will be introducing all aspects of microcurrent for skin treatment. I will explain microcurrent and how it works in crisp detail.

In this two-part series, we will be discussing the following:

  1. What is Microcurrent?
  2. How does Microcurrent benefit the health of the skin?


Now that most states have accepted microcurrent as an approved treatment in aesthetics and cosmetology licensing, a great number of you want to know what is microcurrent and how is it going to provide you with treatments that deliver immediate results and gratification.

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Remember back when you were a student in aesthetics school? You had probably, just one or two paragraphs on the modality of microcurrent in your textbook. This may be because microcurrent was taught to be associated with Galvanic Current. Therefore, basic knowledge of microcurrent has been largely misinterpreted. This blog will give some clarification to your questions about microcurrent.


First of all, why add microcurrent to your menu of services? Well, do you think your business will benefit by adding a series of treatments that display immediate results? If so, microcurrent is a good choice! But you must first understand microcurrent and how will it benefit the needs of your clients.

Consider these 3 points…

  1. Are you looking for the service that is going to leave your client speechless after each treatment?
  2. Are you interested in a non-invasive service that is easy to comprehend and is easy to apply?
  3. Are you ready to learn the underlining science and technology of microcurrent for the skin care professional?

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Blog Objectives: By the end of this blog you should have a clear understanding of:

  1. What microcurrent and true microcurrent is;
  2. How microcurrent differs from galvanic;
  3. What wave patterns are and why they are important to the results of the treatments
  4. What the four factors are that must be considered for an excellent microcurrent treatment


Let’s begin!

Truly understanding the microcurrent itself is a benefit to delivering a flawless facial treatment. So, let’s break it down.

1. Microcurrent definitions:
  1. Microcurrent - a low level voltage of pulsating electrical current that recharges the cellular activity to mimic the body’s own bio-electric currents.
  2. MicroAmp - MicroAmperage current is the same current the body produces on its own within each cell. Microampere is one millionth of an amp which is very small; there is not enough current to stimulate sensory nerves so the current flow cannot be felt. You can tell it is conducting by watching the conductivity bar on the Myolift Mini or Myolift MD device.
  • The Myolift Mini microamp range is 175-400
        • The Myolift MD microamp range is 175-800
    3. Microcurrent Stimulation - stimulates chemical reactions in the body to repair and heal at the cellular level such as ATP, lymph flow, collagen and elastin production.
    4. True Microcurrent - Does not cause a visible contraction during application. Too much current will stifle the benefits of the current and have no positive action.
    5. Frequency and Hertz - Frequencies are pulses per second measured in hertz. They can be sound waves or electronic pulses. The frequencies used in microcurrent devices are bio-electrical pulses. Most microcurrent devices use square wave pulses as the square waves work on the muscles for toning only. At 7e Wellness we went further in our research to include other waveforms that will help you work on difference skin conditions and deliver the results customized for your clients.
          • 600 Hz. Touches the skin and bounces off
          • 500 Hz. Penetrates below skin level of the epidermis
          • 300 Hz. Stimulates lymphatic drainage

      Microcurrent frequency, painless face lift, pain-free

      1. How does Galvanic Current differ from Microcurrent?
        1. Galvanic current works two-fold: Desincrustation and Iontophoresis
        2. Desincrustion liquefies debris in the skin using a water-soluble alkaline solution (ph. 8.5)
      2. Iontophoresis is the penetration of acidic water-soluble solutions into the skin such as serums (ph. 4.5-5.5)
      1. Microcurrent Stimulation - stimulates, ATP, lymph drainage, firms and tightens the skin, minimizes wrinkles and fine lines, lifts sagging muscles.
      2. Myolift Wave Forms and Biological Effects:
          • Circulation - Sine waveform to stimulate the epidermal and dermal blood lymphatic circulation.
          • Lymphtic Drainage - Ramp waveform to increase nourishment of the connective tissues of the epidermis, detoxification, reducing puffiness and fluid retention and improves skin texture.
          • Light Lift - Square waveform to re-program muscles to shorten and tone, firm loose tissue, toning of the dermis and reduces pore size.
          • Deep Lift - Rectangular waveform re-programs muscles into a lifted and toned, and assists in reducing the appearance of deep dermal wrinkles.
          • Firming Mode - Sine waveform refines texture and reduces fine lines and wrinkles in the epidermis and dermis while firming skin tissue.
          • Educate Waveform - A new combination waveform incorporating the Square and Sine waveforms. This will reach muscles from surface to deeper levels in the skin, reinstating muscle education, toning and lifting.
          • Iontophoresis - Sine waveform allows ionized substances of collagen and elastin to pass into the epidermis.
          • Erase Waveform - New waveform to reprogram muscles to lengthen, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, minimize large pores, soften scar tissue and refine the texture of the skin.

      Waveforms used by 7ewellness myolift machines devices

      4. ATP Stimulation-500 microamperes caused adenosine triphosphate (ATP) to increase by 500%. 500-800 microamperes increase the amino acid transport by 30-40%. Raising the current over 5 milliamperes caused ATP to drop below baseline norms.
      5. The three important key points to "True Microcurrent" results are:

        Pinch and hold technique movements with microcurrent

          1. Movement 1 - Pinch and Hold technique will shorten the muscle to firm and tighten.
          2. Movement 2 - Gliding probe technique to meet the stationary probe will lengthen the muscles.
          3. Movement 3 - Touch and Glide where the probes begin by touching each other and then separate outwards over the muscle. 


        How can you be sure the client received an extraordinary treatment?

        1. You understand microcurrent and used it appropriately.
        2. You explained to your clients how the microcurrent device works for the benefit of their skin.
        3. You have used the correct intensity, timing, waveform and movements during the treatment.


        In conclusion, this part of our series on understanding microcurrent is the first step in getting the maximum results from microcurrent services. Making the appropriate choices of intensity, timing, waveform and movements will provide a clear picture in deciding the long-term plan of treatment.

        Now that you understand the importance of microcurrent, you will notice a difference in your client’s skin, and attitude. The next step is to review your existing facial protocols and make adjustments as needed. 


        That’s all for today’s blog and we will continue our series on Understanding Microcurrent next week with part two and discuss how microcurrent benefits the skin!


        If you have any questions on today’s Educational Blog, give us a call or drop us an email: info@7ewellness.com