What face masks can I use with microcurrrent?

What face masks can I use with microcurrrent? - 7E Wellness

Combining MyoLift microcurrent with other modalities and accessories is not a new concept. In fact we've created a handful of protocol that walk you through combination treatments using microcurrent with microdermabrasion, radio frequency, and more! If you'd like those protocols, make sure to fill out the form at the bottom of this blog post.

But lately the big question from our clients is, "what face masks can I use with MyoLift microcurrent?"

Our team of educators got together and came up with the following guidelines to consider when selecting an effective mask to use in combination with a microcurrent treatment:

When it comes to sheet masks, there are a large variety of options! We would recommend any that have a water base to them. We have tried hydrogel sheet masks and they tend to work well with MyoLift! You'll see a lot of our followers on Instagram using various sheet masks underneath our conductive eye and lip masks. This is a really creative way to cash in on extra hydrating and healing benefits brought to the skin through concentrated sheet mask ingredients.

 The Organic Esthetician using a sheet mask with conductive eye mask from 7e wellness

On the other hand, we do not recommend any type of mask that has a cream base or oil base to it. We also would not recommend Alginate-type masks that dry to a rubbery consistency. Our team has not yet done research to distinguish whether or not the current from microcurrent machines can penetrate them to reach the skin and muscles.


We hope this clears up any confusion and helps you make the most of your next MyoLift facial treatment!


Remember if you'd like protocols for combining microcurrent treatment with microdermabrasion, LED therapy and radio frequency, fill out this form! Your printable protocols will be emailed to you in minutes!