Combining Facial Treatments: Microcurrent and Rezenerate

Combining Facial Treatments: Microcurrent and Rezenerate - 7E Wellness

For those out there who take their skin health seriously we are always looking for ways to make our facials more efficient. Combining treatments is a powerful way to maximize on skin health results. But before we can start mixing and matching different modalities, we need to understand how they manipulate our skin so that we know how to use them and the sequence the facial treatments we should follow. If you are an advocate for non-surgical and non-invasive facial options to tackle concerns like aging gracefully and preventative care, two treatments we suggest combining are Microcurrent and Rezenerate. While many modalities out there work by penetrating or injuring the skin to create a healing response, neither Microcurrent or Rezenerate work in this invasive manner. They work instead by scientific processes that are both relaxing and effective in anti aging and preventative skin health measures.

What is Microcurrent

As leaders in non-surgical skin health with microcurrent technology we love educating audiences on what microcurrent technology is. Microcurrent facial treatments are a non-surgical and non-invasive approach to anti aging and overall skin radiance. By that, we mean no injury is made to the skin to generate a healing and regenerative response the way some other anti aging facial treatments, like Microneedling, work. The classic metal probes work in specific movements to deliver a small electric current responsible for stimulating facial muscles in a way that either lengthens them or shortens them, depending on the muscles. When the current is used to lengthen muscles in the face, it is relaxing them. The result of lengthening the facials muscles is a reduction of fine lines, wrinkles and tension in the muscles. When the current is used to shorten the muscles in the face, we call this “re-education” and it is similar to training your muscles to be more toned, lean and attractive with exercise at the gym. The result of shortening the muscles is a naturally lifted, youthful and healthful appearance of the face. There is a direct correlation between laxed facial muscles and sagging skin, so once the facial muscles are re-educated, the skin is lifted and smoothed with the lift of the muscle. Each day, more people who appreciate natural skin health are turning to microcurrent for skin health because the small (yet effective!) current flows with our body’s own natural processes to encourage cellular activity in the facial muscles, generating protein synthesis that slows as with our age.

In addition to improved muscle strength highlighting our natural facial contour, the benefit of a microcurrent facial is that Collagen and Elastin are boosted. When these key structural proteins are back in action they bring a natural plumpness and radiance back to the skin while smoothing wrinkles as well as tightening the jaw-line and cheekbones. Consistency with these non-surgical “facelifts” also lead to a brightening of your complexion. This is because microcurrent encourages blood circulation to the skin, oxygenating the skin cells and producing a natural glow. Younger-looking, fresh skin with zero downtime is just a microcurrent facial away!


What is Rezenerate

Rezenerate is a product neutral modality that uses cutting-edge nanotechnology that, when paired with microcurrent, ensures one of your Best. Facials. Ever. Rezenerate is another great option for those interested in a non-surgical and non-invasive treatment that works without penetrating the skin, making it in scope for licensed beauty professionals in most states. Again, unlike with Microneedling there is no blood being drawn or wounding of the skin. This allows your clients to continue with their day since there is little to no downtime required. By creating microchannels in the skin, Rezenerate acts as a nano infusion catalyst to increase product and serum absorption 40-50% times better than industry standards. Best of all, Rezenerate can be combined with your other favorite modalities, like Microcurrent, to create the ultimate anti-aging treatment. Learn more about Rezenerate on their website by clicking here!


Rezenerate and Myolift Microcurrent Facial Results

What are the benefits of combining treatments

By combining Rezenerate and Microcurrent together, you are doubling down in the fight against fine lines and wrinkles, improving product absorption and also performing a light exfoliation. Your client is receiving a powerful non-surgical, non-invasive facial treatment that is both relaxing and painless with instant results you both will love. This is one of the best skin care treatments your clients can get with the promise of zero downtime or recovery period. 

Rezenerate and Myolift Microcurrent Facial Results

How To combine Microcurrent and Rezenerate

Step 1: Double cleanse the skin thoroughly
Step 3: Apply an exfoliating agent to the skin and remove with a warm towel
Step 3: Perform your nano infusion treatment with Rezenerate and HyRez Glide
Step 4: Apply 7e Anti-Aging Peptide Serum
Step 5: Apply 7e ReStore conductive gel
Step 6: Perform microcurrent treatment

If using MyoLift Mini or MyoLift 600:
Step 1: Perform your Erase (Long) and Educate (Short) modes
Step 2: Remove conductive gel
Step 3: Apply 7e Wellness Restorative Sheet Mask or Calming Mask
Step 4: End with moisturizer/ SPF

If using MyoLift MD:
Step 1: Start with Circulation
Step 2: Lymphatic Drainage
Step 3: Erase
Step 4: Educate
Step 5: Firming
Step 6: Remove conductive gel
Step 7: Can use a 7e Wellness Restorative Sheet Mask or Calming Mask
Step 8: End with moisturizer/SPF 

Suggested Protocol from Rezenerate Website for Combining Modalities

Rezenerate and Microcurrent facial protocol 

An avid believer in this combined protocol is Rezenerate Authorized Provider and 7E MyoLift™ user Shirley Avila-Dreyfus. Shirley explains, "I use the Rezenerate Nano Wand and 7E MyoLift™ in my facial room together as a "Rewind the Time" facial treatment because its a great combo! I first use my Rez to infuse whichever serum I want for the client, usually, it's a combination of XO8 Placenta Stem Cell Serum and HyRez Glide, once I am done with the Rez portion of the facial, I will place an XO8 Placenta Stem Cell Mask on the face to cool down, glide the Nano Globes over the face for about 8 min and then move onto the microcurrent portion with the 7E MyoLift™ device to drive that serum down deeper using my probes or clips onto the mask and then use them on the client after removing the mask as well to help lift and tone.”

Rezenerate + MyoLift™ = Your Best Skin Ever!


Who Benefits most from Combining Microcurrent and Rezenerate?

Like all health and vitality efforts, aging gracefully is a common goal we all share regardless of where we are in our health journey. With that in mind, everyone from those focused on preventative skincare, to those working on anti aging skin care and of course natural or organic skincare lovers benefit from the dynamic duo of Microcurrent and Rezenerate. Whether you are looking for a preventative treatment or are determined to address a specific skin concern, the needle-less and non-surgical facelift facial technologies discussed in this article will make a huge difference in the radiance and youthfulness of your skin. Rezenerate opens channels into the skin to help penetrate products deeper and improve appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. MyoLift™ True Microcurrent™ heals and pushes products deeper into the skin, closes pores, promotes ATP for cellular energy stimulating collagen and elastin production while also lifting your facial muscles to a point of natural tautness. 


Are there Side Effects to a Microcurrent Facial

There are a few mild side-effects that are helpful before booking or offering a microcurrent facial. The first is visual strobing sensations when the microcurrent treatment is being performed around the eyes. The second is a taste of metal in the mouth when areas around the mouth receive microcurrent treatment. Both these sensations are completely normal, though it is not uncommon for them to create discomfort. If you or your client have a history of epilepsy or seizures you may want to consider a different option, lower the intensity of the device around the eye area or avoid eye treatments all together with microcurrent devices. For a full list of medical conditions, or contraindications, that may not be suitable for microcurrent therapy, click here.

There are also products that our educators recommend avoiding prior to your microcurrent. It is best to avoid using more aggressive anti aging products like Retinol in the days leading up to your microcurrent facial. Because microcurrent pushes product deeper into the skin, adverse reactions like redness and irritation can occur if Retinol is pushed deeper into the skin. Furthermore, if you or your client are allergic to seaweed we recommend reading through ingredients in your skincare products, serums and conductivity gel used with microcurrent as this can also lead to irritation, rash or redness. Microcurrent itself will not create rashes or irritation, so if you notice these reactions it is important to take a step back and look at the products that were used leading up to the Microcurrent treatment.

While your skin may be flushed immediately after your Microcurrent treatment, this is typically due to increased blood circulation and usually subsides quickly.

Are there Side Effects to a Rezenerate Treatment

Similarly, since Rezenerate is a product neutral device any side effects or reactions would be from products and serums used. Some slight redness may occur based on client’s fitzpatrick and reactiveness or areas where skin is thinner. Redness from the treatment should reduce within 24-48 hours.