Is Microcurrent safe for Nursing Mothers?

Is Microcurrent safe for Nursing Mothers? - 7E Wellness

As an expecting or new mother, it’s important to know your options for taking care of yourself and feeling beautiful without negatively impacting the health of your little one. We want to commend you right away for taking the time to research the safety of different facial treatments as a precaution.

As you likely know, there are many things to be careful with, avoid or stop altogether while breastfeeding because it can pass through the breast milk to your baby. This can make navigating the beauty industry feel a little bit overwhelming. Pregnancy and breastfeeding may not permanently change your skin type but these conditions absolutely have an effect on how your skin behaves.

Some days you may have a beautiful glow and other days you may have an acne breakout because all the extra hormones can cause you to secrete more oil. Aside from hormone fluctuations you are most likely fatigued and your energy has most likely decreased.  

Even after the baby arrives your hormones are likely still over the place and this can last for a year or until your monthly cycle begins again. Sometimes you feel out of control of your own body during this period. Then your special bundle of joy arrives and you are busy, tired, stressed, in love and even more tired.

We know that adjusting your overall treatment plan or regular maintenance treatments can be disarming, but rest assured we want to help outline some of the do’s and don'ts around microcurrent treatment under these circumstances.

Is it safe to get a microcurrent facial while pregnant?

Due to inconclusive data and research, getting a microcurrent facials while pregnant is not FDA cleared at this time. This is a precautionary measure taken to ensure the safety of you and your unborn child. Enough studies have not been conducted on pregnant women to really understand how it may affect an fetus, which is why pregnancy is on our contraindications lists.

This is the general kind of FDA regulation you can expect when facing any beauty industry modalities used in aesthetics. During pregnancy, women’s bodies have heightened sensitivity and may be unsafe to the unborn child’s health and safety. 

Is it safe to get a microcurrent facial while breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding is not a contraindication for microcurrent. After giving birth to your child, there is no longer a risk factor to your child with modalities like microcurrent. The electric current delivered to your body through the microcurrent device during this treatment no longer interferes with the safety of the child. This allows you the opportunity to dive back into an active treatment anti-aging skincare regimen if you desire. In other words, it is safe to receive a microcurrent treatment from your esthetician or perform a microcurrent facial on yourself during the time you are breastfeeding your child.

Microcurrent is a non-invasive, non-toxic way to give your skin a healthy lift and glow. It does not travel through your breast milk so it is safe to use while you are breastfeeding.

Actually, visiting your esthetician after your pregnancy is encouraged as hormonal adjustments continue to take place and effect your skin after giving birth. Your body may be done with the bulk of the work creating a life, but it will still face obstacles as it works to a new place of homeostasis. In fact, “It may take up to a year after childbirth for your hormones to completely level out and return to normal. If you're breastfeeding, it may take longer” (Glowbiotics, 2019). 

microcurrent therapy for new mom

Microcurrent Therapy for Moms

During pregnancy, common skincare concerns and irritations are severe acne flare-ups as well as changes in pigmentation. As mentioned briefly above, visiting your esthetician and receiving new healing facials that include modalities like microcurrent therapy is excellent for new mothers who want to bring life and calmness back to their skin. It’s a time to re-familiarize yourself with your skin and create a nurturing relationship with yourself again.

In addition to its aging skincare benefits, microcurrent can be used intentionally with your facial regimen to help heal the skin quickly from severe acne breakouts. Microcurrent therapy oxygenates the skin, which works to get rid of bacteria in the skin, making it an unsustainable environment for bacteria to thrive. Using microcurrent to treat acne is an approved technique that you can request from your MyoLift microcurrent provider. Microcurrent therapy will help with any acne that you might have gotten with your pregnancy.

Microcurrent therapy will also help if you have experienced any pigmentation because of pregnancy. Thanks to microcurrent’s ability to drive product deeper into the skin, enhancing product penetration, it helps your skin absorb every last bit of serums. Furthermore, one of our favorite benefits of microcurrent therapy is its ability to even your skin tone. Microcurrent treatments are known for their powerful ability to increase the Adenosine Triphosphate (or ATP) in the skin cell. The result is an increase of energy in the cell, which helps the skin cells reflect light and help our skin glow again. Otherwise our skin might appear dull because our skin cells are absorbing light.

Using a microcurrent device while breastfeeding

The hardest part is finding time to schedule a professional microcurrent appointment with your esthetician or use your at-home microcurrent device. If you can’t find enough hours in the day for a complete microcurrent facial, our hands free 7E conductive masks will be a saving grace for you. 7E Wellness has a conductive eye mask for upper face treatments localizing the current to the eyes and brow area, as well as a conductive lip mask for lower face treatments targeting the lips, lower cheeks and chin. Treatments with hands-free conductive masks from 7E Wellness are quick and can be done in as little as 20 minutes. It also gives you a perfect excuse to fill your own cup after providing attention to your new family member. 

The most important thing is to keep up a good routine if possible. The more routine you are with your microcurrent treatments - no matter how long or short they may be - will help bring your skin back to life. Literally! Microcurrent therapy helps boost Adenosine Triphosphate (more commonly known as ATP) in the skin cells. ATP is energy specifically for your skin cells! So by making an effort to regularly use your 7E MyoLift conductive masks, you are revitalizing your skin so that it has as much life as your sweet bundle of joy. Using microcurrent devices at home also creates an environment where your family can learn the importance of regular skincare!

When we say “regular” when it comes to using MyoLift, this can be as frequent as every-other-day or once a week. We want this experience to be something you look forward to as a form of self care each use, not another obligation on your long to-do list. Our suggestion is to see your closest MyoLift™ service provider and schedule a professional treatment to capitalize on your opportunity for rest and revitalization. To find your nearest MyoLift™ service provider you can use our locator map by clicking here!


skin care regimen for nursing mothers

Our Suggested Skin Care Regimen for Nursing Mothers

  • Having gentle, fragrance-free and noncomedogenic products (which are those designed to prevent clogged pores) at home for both morning and night time routines. 
  • Gentle exfoliation scrubs could be used once a week.
  • Hydrate by drinking plenty of water, especially while nursing because your body needs even more hydration. Some of our favorite ways to stay hydrated are by eating fruits and vegetables. Not only is it great for your internal health and hydration, but increasing your fruit and vegetable intake keeps your skin glowing and healthy. 
  • Feel free to use at-home microcurrent as frequently as every other day or once a week to give life back to your skin.